Product Comparison: Clore Automotive SOLAR BA7 vs Clore Automotive SOLAR BA9

General Specifications
Clore Automotive
Clore Automotive
About the Product
Features an operating range of 7-15V and the capacity to test batteries rated between 100-1200 CCA. It adds the convenience of starting and charging system testing and offers quick assessment, providing both a numerical result and a pass/fail LED result.
The BA9 Battery and System Tester features an operating range of 4.5-16V and is optimized to test six distinct battery types: Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound, Start-Stop AGM, Start-Stop Enhanced Flooded and Gel Cell batteries.
Key Specs
Battery Voltages
Testing Capacity
1200 CCA
1200 CCA
Battery Types
AGM, Gel Cell, Deep Cycle, Maintenance Free, Wet, Conventional, Marine, Spiral Wound
AGM, Flooded, Spiral Wound, Gel Cell, Start-Stop
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Clore Automotive SOLAR BA7 Electronic Battery and System Tester
  • I am proud to announce that this tester does everything that is necessary to determine the battery and charging system's state of health for under 100 bucks. It's all I use now.
  • This top notch battery tester not only shows voltage and CCA of your battery (as the BA5 does), but it also tests minimum cranking voltage during engine start and alternator performance. In addition to a digital readout, it gives LED pass/fail indications for all tests.
  • Quickly check a battery's charge, voltage, it's CCA, if your vehicle has a battery or alternator issue, etc. SUPER EASY TO USE! If you're around larger batteries at all, you need this tool
  • Some system tests will flash the LED's as both OK & bad, leaving one in doubt. I replaced my car battery because of the conductance test results and got the same results on a brand new battery.
  • I am not sure the "load" is heavy enough and long enough for a truly accurate test.But known good batteries tested good and known bad batteries tested bad...will need some additional testing before I would recommend it.
Clore Automotive SOLAR BA9 Digital Battery and System Tester
  • Used his tester within minutes of delivery and I think it saved me the price of a new battery, but unfortunately it showed my alternator as being the problem. The meter showed my battery's CCA as being good and showed a ripple on the alternator of over 2 volts and too hi.
  • Purchased this to keep track of my batteries in my boat. It does not need any batteries to run and just uses power from the battery you are testing, as long as it is over 7 volts. It also tests your charging and starting system.
  • This thing is great. Got the lower CCA tester so I can test smaller batteries (quad).
  • I bought this to test 12 volt, deep-cycle, solar storage batteries in an off-grid system I'm building for our ranch guest house. So far, it seems to be a solid, reliable performer that reports accurate information about the SOC of any 12 volt battery we have.
  • Not sure how accurate it is, batteries that work fine fail on this tester.
  • Kinda not sure I love this thing checking a Battery telling me the CCA and it tells me that a battery is good but when I put it in the vehicle and turn the key it just went click, then I put my load tester on it and it shows me to Battery actually bad?
Size & Weight
4.5 in.
5 in.
3.1 in.
3.9 in.
1 in.
1 in.
9.6 oz.
9.6 oz.
4 Digit LED
LCD display with backlit
Battery status, Charge level, Capacity level, Starter status, Alternator
Battery status, Charge level, Capacity level, Starter status, Alternator
Over-Voltage Protection
Small, portable, pocket-sized, Tests multiple battery types, Bright 4 digit LED light display, Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection
4.5-16V operating range, 40-1200 CCA testing capacity, Tests multiple battery types, Small, portable, pocket-sized, Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection, Tests to CCA, CA, DIN, EN, IEC standards
What customers say about "Features"
Clore Automotive SOLAR BA7 Electronic Battery and System Tester
  • It takes a matter of seconds to perform any test, making this simple to use.
  • You can perform tests on batteries hooked up in a car still, or unhooked, making this extremely time saving if you don't have to remove a battery to test.
  • You don't have to fully charge a battery to test!!! Almost all other testing units for batteries you have to have a fully charged battery, which is a pain in the butt, and waste of time.
  • The screen could be brighter as well but it's good inside the house any way. The cables and clamps look to be good strong quality.
  • This BA7 tester is also capable of testing the starter and alternator though I have not done that yet. I highly recommend this tester and by the way you can select CCA or just CA.
  • The only negative in my opinion is the display can be very difficult to see when used outdoors.
  • It check your battery good but the display is very hard to read in normal light. You have put the display in the shade to barely make it readable.
Clore Automotive SOLAR BA9 Digital Battery and System Tester
  • This is a great battery tester to have in your tool box. This tester tells you how many volts the battery is putting out AND it tells you how many cranking amps it is putting out.
  • The unit is very small which is an added bonus, fits easily in any drawer of your tool box. Testing of batteries literally takes 1 second. And it tests DIN rating!! It is very accurate.
  • The tester remembers the last options you chose (ex: type of battery tested, test rating CCA, DIN, etc).
  • In addition the BA9 performs other useful tests, such as an alternator and starter test. This is a must have device.
  • Worked great for about 6 months, when the screen started displaying only about 1/3 of what it was supposed to.
  • This tester showed all of my batteries were bad, including one new battery. Tester read the same on known good batteries as it did on dead batteries.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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