Product Comparison: Warn VR12000 (86260) vs Warn M12000 (17801)

General Specifications
VR12000 (86260)
M12000 (17801)
About the Product
The VR12000 is the large capacity offering of the new WARN VR Series (Vehicle Recovery) of winches. The WARN VR Series is aimed at both the first-time winch buyer and the person looking to save some cash, but still get a genuine WARN winch. With a stout 12,000 lb. pulling capacity and plenty of performance, the VR12000 is big on power and big on value.
This Warn Industries M12000 Series 12 volt electric Winch is vehicle mounted and has a pull capacity of 12,000 pound. It has a 125 feet wire rope. Note: This Winch will require winch mount for proper installation.
Key Specs
Mounting Bolt Pattern
10.0” x 4.5”
10.0” x 4.5”
Wire 3/8" x 94'
Steel 3/8" x 125'
Gear Ratio
216 :1
261 :1
3-Stage Planetary
3-Stage Planetary
Rated Line Pull
12000 lbs.
12000 lbs.
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Warn VR12000 (86260) Winch
  • Installed the winch and used it a few days later....worked flawlessly! I did get a kink in the wire ripe, but that was likely my fault as i could not pull straight ahead out of the hole that i was in! Very happy that i spent the extra money for it!
  • It’s a work horse. Very reliable and well built. Worth the money.
  • It does its job & mounted very well into the Warn bumper! I've ran Warn winches for years on ATV's & never had an issue yet!
  • Great winch for the price. 12k capacity for full sized trucks at a very fair price.
  • Love the synthetic rope because it is safer then steel cable when it breaks, and it won't bird nest when free spooling line out like steel cable does.
  • The winch rope is of medium quality. It has rusted more than some other ropes that I've used, but for an entry level winch, its not so bad.
  • The steel wire is very difficult to wind on the winch. I would consider synthetic rope next time.
Warn M12000 (17801) Winch
  • Fits my ARB front bumper perfectly and looks great. I haven't used it and hope I never have to, but if I do need it I have full confidence it will get me (or hopefully someone else) out of a jam.
  • Definitely the right size winch for my Suburban 2500. Biggest mistake made is buying an undersized winch.
  • This winch is outstanding both in terms of build quality and brute strength. Don't settle for the 8000-lb model if you have a truck or SUV, get one of these and never look back in regret.
  • It has a 7/16 cable, still mounting it on 35 foot trailor ,, it weighs 135 lbs. best in the industry as far as im concerned , $1650 ,, probally can get parts , as maybe not the others ,, ?? havent had to use it ,, im a big shop and farmer ,trucker , not a mudder.
  • Warn builds a quality winch. I am very pleased.
Size & Weight
7 in.
11 in.
21.83 in.
24.37 in.
6.3 in.
8.45 in.
89 lbs.
133 lbs.
Line Pull: Max. lbs.
1.18 MPM
Line Pull: 0 lbs
8.6 MPM
9.14 MPM
Drum Length
9 in.
Drum Diameter
2.5 in.
Remote Switch, 12’ lead
Remote Switch, 12’ lead
Clevis w/Strap
Clevis Pinned Latch
Automatic Direct Drive Cone
Automatic mechanical cone
Sliding Ring Gear
Durable, smooth and reliable three-stage planetary geartrain, Low-profile design will fit most trucks and SUVs, Exclusive brake design for superior winching control, Includes remote control with 12 ft (3.7m) lead
Large frame winch design is designed to handle heavier winch loads, Series-wound, high-speed motor provides fast line speed and strong pulls, Brake provides superior control while winching, Chip-resistant powder-coated finish
12V DC, Series Wound
12-volt 4.6-hp motor
What customers say about "Features"
Warn VR12000 (86260) Winch
  • The remote cord is long enough to use while winching from the drivers complaints what so ever.
  • Excellent product from Warn. Easy installation. Great quality right out of the box. Warn's reputation for quality shows through on this product.
  • The winch is a good size and the instructions and hardware was organized and easy.
  • Very high quality truck bumper/winch parts. Easy instructions and good grade hardware. Bolted on with no sweat, thank you greatly.
  • The only issue that I had with this winch was that the control box needed to be mounted on it. This may have been best because I couldn't mount the winch as I originally intended and needed to mount the box on top of the winch for clearance.
Warn M12000 (17801) Winch
  • I had to make minor modifications to fit my Warn M12000 into the tray. I also, was able to reuse my existing chrome tow hooks by another slight modification. I then added a license plate bracket to the bottom of the winch tray.
  • Had a heavy duty winch cradle fabricated so I can also attach this winch in my dump trailer to pull multi-ton loads onto the trailer bed.
  • Great quality.... works perfect so far. Use to pull 2 HO jetskis.... effortless.
  • Engage knob does not work and is 90 degrees out of position.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
Other Information
2090.99 $

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