Product Comparison: Warn VR 10 (96810) vs Smittybilt X20 (98510)

General Specifications
VR 10 (96810)
X20 (98510)
About the Product
The new WARN VR10 10,000 lb. winch offers enhanced styling, upgraded performance, and legendary WARN reliability that you can trust. The new convertible control pack has a tactical look and allows upright or low-profile mounting configurations.
The Smittybilt X2O Winches have been enhanced in almost every area for increased performance and trouble free operation. Every X2O winch features a Series Wound 6.6 HP motor that is completely sealed, as well as a 3-Stage Planetary Gear System. The X2O winch features a completely waterproof 500 AMP solenoid pack that can be mounted in 2 different locations, depending on your application needs. They also include a new controller that can be wired to the winch or unplugged for trouble-free wireless operation. The X2O also features optimized gear ratios that deliver lightning-fast line speeds. If youre looking for something more versatile, check out the X2O Comp Series, which includes all of the features and benefits of the original series, and adds a synthetic winch rope. And finally, all X2O winches are covered by the Smittybilt Lifetime Warranty, providing peace of mind as well as unparalleled performance. With all of these features, you can count on the X2O winch to be there every time, in every situation.
Key Specs
Mounting Bolt Pattern
10.0” x 4.5”
10.0” x 4.5”
Steel 3/8″ x 80′
Synthetic Rope 3/8” x 98.5’
Gear Ratio
261 :1
218 :1
3-Stage Planetary
3-Stage Planetary
Rated Line Pull
10000 lbs.
10000 lbs.
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Warn VR 10 (96810) Winch
  • Easy to install.. super solid. Easily pulls my 2 door JK Wrangler out of any sticky situation. Went for the synthetic rope mostly for safety but I really like how easy it is to handle. Get this winch!
  • This winch is slow but very strong. Remember to get full pulling power you need to be on your first layer of rope on the drum. Each layer of rope derates your pulling power.
  • This has been a life saver in the short time that I've had it. It was super easy to set up and tension the rope. It also helped pull me up a ledge at Windrock Park when I was hung up on my rear links.
  • Great for my small 2 door Jeep. Used it to pull me out of a pretty deep mud hole and had no problem.
  • Used it 3 times within the first 5 months of owning it and stopped working. Contacting Warn to see what they can do for me.
Smittybilt X20 (98510) Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch
  • Excellent winch , love it completely. Did replace the hook with a heavy TMJ self locking hook which was a great addition. Nothing wrong with the crossbar support on this winch, need to take care to not abuse it allowing cable to pile up in one area that will exceed the clearances.
  • My Jeep Cherokee was fully loaded with tools, spare, and aftermarket 3/16" bumpers front and rear (~4k lbs).
  • Great looking product but assembly was somewhat difficult. The control module that sits on top is cumbersome to mount and mounting bolts were not long enough.
  • The winch has performed flawlessly and has plenty of power for my 2-door Jeep JK.
  • Mounted with a rough country hidden mount for F150. Fit fine. Not heavy, maybe 40 lbs. Only pulled a jeep across a lot to tighten rope but was effortless.
Size & Weight
9.8 in.
9.4 in.
20.8 in.
22.3 in.
6.3 in.
5.4 in.
72.85 lbs.
67 lbs.
Line Pull: Max. lbs.
1.8 MPM
Line Pull: 0 lbs
7.6 MPM
9.5 MPM
Drum Length
9 in.
9.6 in.
Drum Diameter
2.5 in.
2.5 in.
12' Handheld Remote
Remote Switch, 12’ lead
Cast Iron Hawse
4 Way Roller
Clevis Pinned Latch
Clevis Pinned Latch
Automatic Direct Drive Cone
Automatic Out-Of-Drum
Sliding Ring Gear
Sliding Ring Gear
Waterproof Albright contractor control, Powerful, efficient series-wound motor, Load-holding cone brake for superior control, Will fit most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, One-piece tie plate replaces tie rods for added strength and rigidity
Waterproof: IP68 Rating, Integrated Wireless Remote, Completely Waterproof, state-of-the-art 500AMP Solenoid
12V DC, Series Wound
5.5hp Series Wound
What customers say about "Features"
Warn VR 10 (96810) Winch
  • Haven't used it but a couple times, worked perfect both times, trip to the beach did make bolts on housing rust but that's expected...looks great, it's a Warn, has a good amount of power and pretty fast.
  • AWesome product, was just what I was looking for. And the installation was quick and easy for me. Actually was able to mount the winch by myself.
  • Mounting is standard and straight forward. Great conpromise for those zen shopping off price. Warn warranty is great as well.
  • The winch has a 12' corded remote control so you can stay clear when using or operate from inside the cab.
  • Disappointed that is only has a 1 year electrical warrenty - one would think WARN would offer longer than 1 year being winch best known brand : ( sad face
  • The winch is fine. It was advertised as having a protective cover included, however the cover was missing.
Smittybilt X20 (98510) Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch
  • The wireless remote is super convenient, and is included in the original purchase price, not an add on.
  • The speed is great - not painfully slow, and not so fast you can't control it.
  • The remote control works flawlessly. I did have a small problem with the screw that hold the winch cable to the drum (it came off) ....
  • Free spool is almost too smooth as there is no apparent resistance which allows birdcaging if tightly spooled cable is hand pulled without the drum braking
  • WInch runs very cool. Brake is not in the winch drum so melting a line should be just about impossible.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
7 year(s)
5 year(s)
Other Information
579.99 $

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