Product Comparison: Wilson Pro Staff 97 vs Wilson Pro Staff 97S

General Specifications
Pro Staff 97
Pro Staff 97S
About the Product
The Wilson Pro Staff 97 is the lighter, faster version of Roger’s autographed stick. While retaining that classic Pro Staff feel, the braided graphite with kevlar gets rid of the unwanted vibrations, and features many spin-inducing technologies.
Engineered for the next generation of tennis legends, the Pro Staff continues to deliver supreme performance and class. Inspired by an uncontaminated design, aspiring tennis players everywhere will hold a psychological edge on their competition – if they’re bold enough to pick one up.
Key Specs
Head size
97 sq. in.
97 sq. in.
27 in.
27 in.
Grip Size
4 3/8 in.
4 1/4 in.
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Wilson Pro Staff 97 Matte Black Midplus 16x19 Tennis Racquet Strung with Custom String Colors
  • Wonderful feel, great racket for a one-hander.
  • Plenty of power and spin, great for those with faster swing speeds.
  • I've used this racket for years. It's like an old friend, reliable, comfortable, and consistent. Wilson created magic with this racket.
  • It's maneuverable and forgiving, and it offers easy access to power and spin.
  • The feel! The Pro Staff 97 felt so comfortable from all areas of the court, even on off-center shots. I also liked the easy power and spin.
Wilson Pro Staff 97S Tennis Racquet
  • I loved hitting slice backhands with the Pro Staff 97S. I also liked the classic feel combined with the spin-friendly stringbed
  • A really nice all-around stick! It had a great blend of power, control and spin to go along with its plush feel.
  • The thin beam gave me good feel and comfort compared to the RF97 Autograph.
  • The Pro Staff 97S may have the softest, plushest feel of the group, making it nice and arm-friendly.
  • The feel of the Pro Staff 97S is more plush and dampened than the RF97 Autograph
Size & Weight
27 in.
27 in.
0.8 in.
1 in.
9.8 in.
10 in.
11.7 oz.
11.5 oz.
Matte Black
Black / Red
66 ra
65 ra
Balance Point
7 pts Head-light
0 pts Even Balance
Braided Graphite with Kevlar
Braided Graphite with Kevlar
String Patern
16 x 19
18 x 17
Uncontaminated design
Spin Effect Technology
What customers say about "Features"
Wilson Pro Staff 97 Matte Black Midplus 16x19 Tennis Racquet Strung with Custom String Colors
  • The 97 is just a little lighter than the RF which suits me. I ordered this one from Wilson so I could get the 97 in all-black.
  • Not too light and not too heavy but very stable at the net. I believe this is one of the best all around raquets.
  • The latest Pro Staff97 design is amazing (well balance, good control and feel, plenty of power)
  • I have been playing with Wilson rackets for 30 years and the PS 97 is a great blend of power and feel and one of the best "player's rackets" on the market
  • Love it, stiff, great feelingl. Looking awesome too.
Wilson Pro Staff 97S Tennis Racquet
  • The 18x17 string pattern added some spin but didn't cause the inconsistencies I have found in other Spin Effect racquets.
  • And of course, the stock leather grip gave me good feel!
  • It offers a unique feel with its 18x17 string pattern.
  • I liked the look and feel of the Pro Staff 97S.
  • I love how it rings when you make a good shot.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacter warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
219.00 $

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