Product Comparison: Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe vs Sprite HO2-WH-M

General Specifications
About the Product
Enjoy showering in filtered water with a simple attachment to your existing shower line - no tools necessary. The unique two-stage up-flow filter design combines coconut shell carbon and a KDF copper/zinc oxidation process to remove harsh chemicals including chlorine, lead, pesticides, hydrogen sulfides, and other volatile organic compounds from your tap water.
The newly designed High-Output Shower Filter (HO2) contains a reversible filter cartridge that will filter the shower water for one year. This high performance shower filter combines easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity and over-all reliability. The HO2 is the strongest replaceable shower filter available on the market today.
Key Specs
Shower Filter with Shower Head
Shower Filter with Shower Head
Flow Rate
2.5 gpm
2.5 gpm
Operation Pressure
80 PSI
80 PSI
Shower Modes
Multiple massage settings
3 Shower Settings
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System
  • It does not change the water pressure in any way
  • Great product for the price and my biggest concern of water pressure being affected negatively (in my already low pressured apartment), was unwarranted!
  • I installed my own shower head with Aquasana's filter, and the water pressure was just superb! I also love that I don't have to use Aquasana's shower head to get beautiful clear water.
  • The water pressure is still great, no reduction there
  • The biggest issue I have is the pressure is a bit too strong.
Sprite HO2-WH-M Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head
  • Has great pressure! Especially considering it's only pumping out 2.5GPM, it definitely does not feel like a water conserving shower head but it is!
  • Nozzle has a great range of motion, I can now rinse off parts of the shower that get soapy that I couldn't with my old shower head.
  • Different settings are easy to switch to and effective.
  • The water pressure is so much better. There was so much build up on the old shower head and even after cleaning it, not much water was coming out. With this shower head, water just comes right out. It's so nice being able to clean my hair so quickly!
  • The massage feature isn't that pronounced, but I don't use that. I just want a simple shower head that works well and filters out the chlorine.
  • I have replaced the filter housing 3 times because the plastic housing develops cracks and sprays out the side. This is frequently a problem when you thread a metal male thread into a plastic female thread. The unit itself works well to reduce chlorine. I will be looking for an all metal housing.
Size & Weight
8.5 in.
8 in.
3.2 in.
3.2 in.
7.2 in.
3.2 in.
2.6 lbs.
3 lbs.
Filtration Results
Removes over 90% of chlorine in shower water, Reduces chlorine and synthetic chemicals, Further reduces chlorine and enhances pH
Eliminates chlorine and other impurities, Softer Hair and Smoother Skin, Breathe Easier and Healthier
Filter Life
10000 gallons
25000 gallons
Compatible Filters
HO2-WH filter
What customers say about "Filtration"
Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System
  • It definitely changes the water, and makes it softer
  • One shower is all it takes to see the difference! I would highly recommend this for anyone who doesn't want to pay exorbitant prices for a whole-house water filtration system.
  • We were also getting hard water stains and we have a pretty good filtration system on this house.
  • I had one and recently bought another. I am very satisfied with the water filtration
  • This is definitely not a keeper. I therefore cannot rate the filtration system, since the product is not usable as a shower. The most useless product I've purchased to date.
Sprite HO2-WH-M Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head
  • My hair and skin feels amazing after my showers now, noticed a difference on day 1!
  • My hair feels softer and my skin less irritated after installing it.
  • It makes my hair so much softer than before! I live in LA where theres a ton of chemicals and other stuff so at getting the chlorine out of my water is better than nothing.
  • I've only had this showerhead for a few days but my hair has gone from feeling dry and damaged to being super soft, like the mane of a unicorn. My skin is super soft and dewey, and my KP is already smoother.
  • I purchased this shower head chlorine filter based on the reviews I read. I hate to say this but I cannot tell any difference between water without this filter and water going through this filter. I have not noticed any "softening of my hair" or "softening of my skin".
Connection Type
Shower pipe
Accessories Included
Massaging shower head, Washers
HO2-WH High Output Shower Filter, Shower Head
Patented copper/zinc media and coconut shell carbon, Ultimate versatility
Reversible Filter Cartridge, Ultra-High Strength Housing, 1 Year Cartridge Life
What customers say about "Features"
Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System
  • I will say it is a well-made unit and a snap to install. The provided showerhead is even fairly decent.
  • I was half expecting it to leak where the filter connects to the shower pipe, because other reviews stated that happening, but a decent stream comes out of the filter itself.
  • This is why this product gets 4 stars instead of 5. As mentioned in other reviews, the hose ends were troublesome.
  • Well, a week after that posting, I noticed that the part of the hose that connects it to the handle was cracked.
  • It leaks at the connection to the filter itself even after trying to adjust the tightness.
Sprite HO2-WH-M Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head
  • Cartridge is reversible, so I imagine that helps it last longer. Hard to say for sure though because I've only had it for a week or so. Will definitely do a follow-up on this aspect.
  • Conserves water! Only uses 2.5GPM.
  • Made entirely out of plastic, but honestly... it feels pretty well built when you consider the low price tag and all of its functions.
  • I like the idea but the plastic filter housing cracked after about 9 months. I see from pictures posted by others that it's a common issue.
  • Seemed to do the job, but when it came time to replace the filter, it was as if the plastic threads had fused together. Couldn't get it apart, even with the use of tools, so I had to replace it with a different one.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
84.99 $
42.50 $

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