Comparison of Top Load Washers

Best Top Load Washers

Generally speaking, top load washers are more compact, reliable, comfortable, and durable than front load washers. The top load washing machines on this list will let you keep all garments clean with ease and convenience.
Comparison of Portable Washing Machines

Best Portable Washing Machines

Have no room for a full-size washing machine? Want to keep your clothes clean during the next RV trip? Then, a portable washing machine is exactly what you need. It doesn't require anything to be plumbed in but still does a decent job of washing your clothing or bed sheets.
Comparison of Portable Washers for Confined Spaces

Best Portable Washers for Confined Spaces

If your bathroom is tiny and you haven’t got enough room for a full-sized washing machine, a portable washer will come handy. This mini machine can be wheeled out when needed and stored in a closet when not in use. Read our review and pick the model that meets your indiviual needs.