Comparison of Zoodle Makers

Best Zoodle Makers

If you want to add a nice new touch to your healthy menu, maybe you would like to try some zucchini noodles. To make them with ease, select one of these best zoodle makers. Using such a tool, you'll be able to turn almost any vegetables into cute spirals.
Comparison of Spiralizers

Best Spiralizers

Spiralizers let you prepare healthy snacks and full-blown delicious meals. The best spiralizers can be used to shred, slice, and chop just about any fruit and vegetable there is.
Comparison of French Fry Cutters

Best French Fry Cutters

A french fry cutter, despite the descriptive name, is a kitchen tool that will help you cut not just potatoes but lots of different fruits and vegetables. The best french fry cutters will allow you to shorten the time it takes to prepare your favorite meals and make it as effortless as possible.
Comparison of Avocado Slicers

Best Avocado Slicers

An avocado slicer is any tool that will help you prepare your favorite fruit with no hassle and no mess. Using one of these avocado tools, you'll be able to slice and split avocados, remove the pit, and, sometimes, even mash them.
Comparison of Mandoline Slicers for Home Use

Best Mandoline Slicers for Home Use

Are you still wasting your time on cutting accurate cubes or slices for your salads or julienning potatoes to make French fries? You need a mandoline slicer that will help you cut, dice, slice, and shred fruit, vegetables, and other foods times quicker and easier. In our review, we've compared 5 top-selling models so that you can find and add the best mandoline slicer to your kitchen utensil arsenal.
Comparison of Egg Slicers

Best Egg Slicers

Eggs are one of the very few healthy foods that taste as good as their unhealthy counterparts. With an egg slicer, you'll be able to quickly and easily cut and slice hard-boiled eggs. The best egg slicers will let you slice a lot more than eggs, including various fruits and vegetables.
Comparison of Slicers

Best Slicers

You don't have to be a Chief to slice even, uniform and perfect slices. With the help of the right slicer, you'll manage this task in minutes; hence, your family will be agreeably surprised with your fine cuisine. In this review, we consider the most popular and efficient slicers for home usage.