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Smart Sprinklers
Best Smart Sprinklers

If you need to make your lawn nourished — bring smart sprinklers to your household and root your troubles out, getting the technology you can rely upon! We have reviewed 5 best smart sprinklers to help you make an adequate choice.

Best Motion Activated Sprinklers
Do wild animals bother you or plants on your lawn? Do neighbors' pets like it a bit too much? An easy solution to these issues is to get a motion activated sprinkler. A humane way to solve the animal problem, they are easy to both install and maintain. Plus, they are quite effective at scaring any unwanted guests away. In this selection, you will find the best motion activated sprinkler models.
Sprinkler Systems
Best Sprinkler Systems to Meet Home and Commercial Watering Needs
The summer is coming and it means that if you haven’t decided on how you will water your yard yet, it’s time to make up your mind. Pick one of the best sprinkler systems available on the market and provide efficient watering for your garden or lawn.
Best Sprinklers
Want to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful but don't feel like walking around the yard dragging a long hose behind you? Read on for our review of the 5 best sprinklers to find a model that's right for you.
Sprinkler Heads
Best Sprinkler Heads
Regardless of how sophisticated your sprinkling system may be, you will still need a proper sprinkler head to keep your garden and your lawn neat and clean. Which is why we have found some of the best sprinkler heads and reviewed them for your convenience.
Garden Hoses
Best Garden Hoses
With the help of the right garden hose, you will be able to enjoy a new level of comfort and convenience as you wash your car or water all kinds of greenery in your backyard.
Best Expandable Hoses
An expandable hose will let you do so much more than just water your garden. The right expandable garden hose will be able to do it all, from pool cleaning to car washing.
Hose Timers
Best Water Timers
Water is a finite source. Doesn't matter the region, you need something like a water timer, a device that will help you manage it. Plus, it will minimize your water bills. Also known as hose timers, we've picked some of the best models out there and, hopefully, one of them will satisfy the needs of your garden.
Misting Systems
Best Misting Systems for Patios, Gazebos and Backyards Cooling
The great outdoors can be quite hot for those who live in hot and dry climates. One of the best ways to make them more bearable is by installing a misting system in outdoor areas where people like to spend time, such as on a back porch. Read on for our reviews of 5 top water misters for patios to help you find the best misting system for your home.