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Infrared saunas provide the same benefits that standard sauna rooms do but keep the temperature ~40-50 degrees lower. These portable saunas are perfect for home use. You can even take them with you onto camping trips. ...Read more ...Read less
BEST 2020
Dimensions and Weight

The portable chair will have no issues supporting weights as high as 220 pounds. The polyester fabric the sauna is hiding inside is fully insulated, featuring excellent lock-stitching to make this thing moisture-resistant. The air ionizer will be keeping the sauna fresh and sanitary clean. 


The detachable collar is uncomfortable. 


Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe will let you quickly arrange the most deluxe spa experience no matter where you are. The sauna assembles within minutes. You won't need any tools to do so. The materials are tough and long-lasting. 

detailed parameters

800 W 


Temperature control (113°F-150ºF), time control (0-30 minutes), foot heat on/off


Portable chair, dual interior/exterior front compartment zippers, removable padded floor mat, detachable collar, sewn-in pockets, top hole close cover 

Dimensions and Weight

41.5" x 33" x 33.5" (assembled)

33" x 5.11" x 41.33" (folded)

22 lbs


1 year 


The collar is snug and comfortable. The pockets will let you use any smartphone/tablet and read books while using the sauna. The timer will let you choose any time from 5 to 60 minutes. The device takes no more than 5 minutes to reach the desired temperature.


The folding chair is flimsy. 


Gizmo Supply XL Therapeutic Portable Infrared Sauna is that mobile beauty spa/sauna dome that you can unwrap and assemble anywhere you want. The device is easy to transport, easy to use, and easy to maintain. At the same time, it is as effective as they come. 

detailed parameters

1000 W 


Temperature control (113°F-140ºF), time control (5-60 minutes), foot heat on/off


Includes folding chair and heated footpad, comfortable collar, top hole close cover, sewn-in pockets, zipper for easy access

Dimensions and Weight

39.3" x 26.7" x 32.2" (assembled)

31" x 5" x 41" (folded)

~ 18 lbs


1 year 


The moisture-resistant fabric lets you use this device outdoors. You can select the temperature anywhere between 57 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can go really hot and even somewhat chilly. The sewn-in pockets are easily accessible. 


There's this somewhat chemical smell at first. 


SereneLife SLISAU10BK Portable Infrared Home Spa is affordable, efficient, and effective. More often than not, the sauna takes ~five minutes to get to the pre-set temperature. The device comes equipped with this grippy handle that makes the sauna comfortable to carry. 

detailed parameters

1050 W 


Temperature control (57°F - 140°F), time control (0-30 minutes), foot heat on/off 


Heated footpad, portable chair, sewn-in pockets, top hole close cover, strong zippers

Dimensions and Weight

37.8’’ x 31.5’’ x 27.6’’ (assembled)

20.15 lbs


1 year 


The sauna is able to reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit, something that most portable saunas cannot. Its weight measures 16 pounds, enabling effortless transportation. You can easily fold and remove the supplied chair. 


The foot warmer is not especially effective. 


Durasage X-Large Infrared Spa Sauna is easy on the pocketbook yet about as impressive as its more expensive peers. The timer's settings range from 5 to 30 minutes, letting you select the time with 5-minute up/down increments. The zippers will last. 

detailed parameters

900 W 


Temperature control (113°F-150ºF), time control (1-30 minutes), foot heat on/off


Heated footpad and chair included, top hole close cover, strong zippers

Dimensions and Weight

38’’ x 30’’ x 27.5’’ (assembled)

16 lbs


18 months


You can choose any temperature you want ranging from 0 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The see-through door lets you watch TV while comfortably sitting/standing inside the sauna. There's one pocket inside where you can hide/store gadgets and books. 


More often than not, it will take you more than an hour to put the pieces together. 


SereneLife SLISAU30BK is tall enough to enable most people to stand inside without slouching. The sauna is easy to access and easy to exit. You can sit inside too though using the supplied folding chair. 

detailed parameters

1300 W 


Temperature control (up to 140ºF), time control (up to 60 minutes), foot heat on/off


Heated footpad and chair included, clear window, inner hand access zippers for book/magazine reading, zippered door 

Dimensions and Weight

70.9" x 35.4" x 35.4" (assembled)

70. 9" x 4" (folded)

37 lbs


1 year

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

Beech Hardwood Frame

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe is an excellent name since you can see the deluxe in the product's details and experience the advertised harmony using this device. The patterns look nice, the dark brown shade is elegant enough, and the device is much more aesthetically pleasing than these portable saunas usually are.

From the dimensions standpoint, the product is pretty standard though. When assembled, this sauna measures 41.5" x 33" x 33.5". At the same time, the sauna folds to 33" x 5.11" x 41.33". The entire device weighs 22 pounds, which is quite lightweight considering the entire package.

Before that though, the device comes with this pre-attached, easy-fit solid beech hardwood dowel frame support system. The system makes sure you don't have to worry about this thing collapsing onto you.

At the same time, the fully insulated, multi-layered, polyester fabric inside features solid lock-stitching that's moisture-resistant, keeping the sauna nice and hygienic. Apart from that, there's also this air ionizer that's able to keep the sauna fresh and comfortable.

Review of Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna

Gentle Warmth

These devices come supplied with portable chairs more often than not. Here, we've got this heavy-duty, tough chair that will be able to support <220 pounds, making the product versatile enough to accommodate most users. Adding to that, there's also the fact that the sauna is tall enough to make people as tall as 6ft5" comfortable inside.

Also, the aforementioned chair comes equipped with this robust powder-coated metal frame and foam armrests, so there are not too many seats that will be able to match this one comfort- and longevity-wise.

On the performance front, there are these four perfectly-positioned carbon heating panels that allow the sauna to pretty much surround the body with gentle warmth. There are six automatic timer options that you can choose between. You can remove the heated footpad whenever you want.

Besides that, this infrared sauna comes fitted with two zip-out, double-lined, soft-neck collars. As nice as these things sound though, the collars are not that comfortable.

On the upside, there are five pre-set heat temperature settings that you can choose from and the obligatory built-in thermostat that, surprisingly enough, tells you the current temperature.

Long story short, Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe is everything these portable infrared saunas are supposed to be.

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna in the use

Additional Info

User Manual     Manufacturer


Gizmo Supply XL Therapeutic

Very Much Portable

Gizmo Supply XL Therapeutic Portable Infrared Sauna is pretty much everything that the name suggests. There's not much here we haven't seen before though.

The product's design has been well-thought-out, the price makes sense, and just about everything here has been included to make the experience as comfortable yet effective as possible, all without sacrificing that "portable" part.

As far as we're concerned, the product's flaws are basically limited to the somewhat flimsy folding chair. That being said, provided you tread lightly, the chair should last.

Setting the chair aside, again, there's not much here that people who are familiar with these portable IR saunas haven't seen before. There's certainly nothing unique about the product's appearance and that's not something we will be holding against this device. There's nothing wrong with these silver inserts on the outside.

There's also nothing wrong with the fabric that's on the inside. You'll have no issues maintaining this fabric as long as you occasionally wipe the surface clean and make sure to give the fabric some time to dry.

This thing is really easy to assemble. Unfold the sauna, plug the cable into an AC socket, and you're good to go. When assembled, the sauna measures 39.3" x 26.7" x 32.2", so you can place this device pretty much whenever you want. Once you're done, you'll be able to easily contract this thing. When folded, the device adds up to 31" x 5" x 41", enabling easy storage. Also, the whole thing weighs 18 pounds, so you'll have no issues bringing this sauna with you.

Review of Gizmo Supply XL Therapeutic Portable Infrared Sauna Spa

Nice and Snug

More often than not, these portable saunas come equipped with uncomfortable/inconvenient collars. That's not the case here. The one this device comes fitted with is nice and snug. Using the sewn-in pockets, you'll be able to comfortably read books and manage tablets/smartphones.

You can separately control the footpad and the sauna's settings. The controller will let you change the temperature within the 113-140ºF range. You can set the timer anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes.

The sauna draws and outputs 100 watts, which is nothing to scoff. Generally speaking, this device will be able to reach the pre-set temperature (again, anywhere between 113 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit) within 5 minutes tops.

All things considered, what we have here is an excellent product with very few bells and whistles. All that's been added here is essential and effective.

Gizmo Supply XL Therapeutic Portable Infrared Sauna Spa in the use

Additional Info



SereneLife SLISAU10BK

Outdoors is Fine Too

SereneLife SLISAU10BK Portable Infrared Home Spa is nothing like most infrared saunas. This thing is much more compact than the home spa setups you've seen before.

Sure, when assembled, this thing measures the pretty standard 37.8’’ x 31.5’’ x 27.6’’, which is understandable since less than that will make the dome tight and uncomfortable.

However, when collapsed, you can carry this sauna dome like an oversized handbag, making transportation easy and more accessible than ever before. The sauna weighs ~20 pounds, so you should be able to comfortably move this device between places without impressive muscle mass. You'll also have no issues storing this thing.

Generally speaking, these infrared saunas are designed to be used at home. This device can be used anywhere you want. The fabric is moisture-resistant enough to enable outdoor use, so you can even bring this thing camping with you. In fact, that'd great since the fabric has this somewhat chemical smell initially that goes away quickly enough and even quicker when exposed to the fresh air outside.

Review of SereneLife SLISAU10BK Portable Infrared Home Spa

The Widest Temperature Range

From the aesthetics perspective, this sauna is smooth and polished. We like the black color scheme much more than the traditional silver housing. Sure, these domes will always look somewhat out of place pretty much anywhere but this thing is much more likely to flow with most living spaces and stand out far less compared to those tinfoil domes that look like compact spaceships.

The sauna is comfortable before anything else. You won't have to make any seating arrangements. The supplied chair is more than good enough to accommodate most people. You can always remove the chair though and arrange something else.

As it is usually the case, the sauna incorporates this hole in the top where you can stick your head out and two sewn-in pockets where you can insert your hands to be able to use them outside (to read books/magazines, use the phone, knit, do whatever you want).

On the bottom, there's the heating mat that you can turn on and off separately from the sauna's main settings. The main settings will let you choose any temperature from 57°F to 140°F, which is pretty ridiculous since most saunas start at ~110°F. You'll also be able to make the device automatically turn off after 0-30 minutes.

Bottom line, this portable infrared sauna is effective and efficient. Add to that the modest price tag and what you're dealing with is the product to get.

SereneLife SLISAU10BK Portable Infrared Home Spa in the use

Additional Info

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Durasage X-Large

Lightweight Champ

Durasage X-Large Infrared Spa Sauna has been designed to accommodate beginners first and foremost.

We're not saying that this product will not necessarily be able to satisfy experienced users but there's not much here to separate this device from most portable saunas that we've looked at. The essentials are there but we would like to see something extra next time, some bonus content/unique features to elevate the product above solid, mid-range portable infrared saunas.

Sure, because these are no gimmicky features here, the sauna weighs 16 pounds, which is pretty impressive because these things' weight usually starts at 20.

The lightweight construction is even more impressive since, when assembled, this sauna adds up to 38’’ x 30’’ x 27.5’, the same numbers that we've seen many times before, the numbers that indicate this dome will be able to accommodate most adults and enable comfortable home use without taking up unnecessary space.

The device draws and outputs 900 watts, which is standard enough as far as these portable saunas are concerned. You won't have to worry about the energy bills skyrocketing here. More often than not, this sauna will be reaching ~120 degrees Fahrenheit within five minutes, so you won't have to wait especially long to be able to use this thing.

Review of Durasage X-Large Infrared IR Far Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna

As High as 150 Degrees

The device comes fitted with five temperature pre-sets that you can manipulate to select the temperatures ranging from 113 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit, impressive numbers since these saunas are usually unable to reach more than 140. In other words, this device might be able to accommodate experienced customers more than one would expect.

However, we cannot extend the same sentiment towards the footpad. Sure, considering that this product is as affordable as they get, we're glad that the 'pad is there in the first place. That being said, we've seen more effective pads before. It is unable to quickly reach high temperatures and the temperatures the pad is able to reach are not that high to begin with.

Somewhat offsetting the disappointing footpad is the foldable, portable chair. This thing is comfortable and easy to fold, remove, store, and transport.

Last but not least, the sauna comes equipped with strong zippers, so you won't have to worry about moisture.

In conclusion, this indoor portable sauna is easy to assemble, easy to disassemble, effective enough, and more comfortable than most saunas within this price bracket.

Durasage X-Large Infrared IR Far Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna in the use

Additional Info

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SereneLife SLISAU30BK

Stand Tall

SereneLife SLISAU30BK is different. As you can probably tell, the difference comes from that "full size" part in the name there. Generally speaking, these portable saunas are designed so that you're only able to sit there.

That's not the case with this product. Measuring 70.9" x 35.4" x 35.4" when assembled, with those ~71 inches obviously referring to the device's height, most people will be able to comfortably stand inside this sauna.

Needless to say, that's huge. Much more often than not, these portable saunas do not even reach 40 inches on the height scale, meaning you absolutely cannot stand tall in these things.

Sure, most people would prefer sitting down to standing up but, first, that's an option here too since the product comes supplied with the standard folding chair that you can remove and easily arrange inside.

Second, the ability to alternate between sitting and standing allows you to stretch the muscles and prevent cramps, making the experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Of course, the size entails downsides too. Putting the pieces together and assembling this device will usually take most people more than an hour when done alone, so we would recommend inviting someone to provide assistance.

On the bright side, all the hardware necessary to assemble the sauna comes with the package.

Also, the sauna only folds sideways, meaning that even when folded, this thing measures ~71 inches tall. Sure, you can disassemble everything but that takes time.

Review of SereneLife SLISAU30BK Full Size Portable Sauna

From 0 to 140 Degrees

Setting the size aside, there are not that many differences between this product and most portable saunas. The device draws and outputs 1300 watts, which is more than most but that's understandable considering that this thing is also two times taller than most infrared portable saunas.

At the same time, you'll be able to change the temperature inside anywhere from 0 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so you'll be able to remain as comfortable/uncomfortable as you want.

Like most portable saunas, this device comes equipped with hand-access zippers that you can use to read magazines/books and use gadgets. That said, the zippered door also pulls double-duty as this clear window that will let you, say, watch TV while sitting inside the sauna.

To sum up, SereneLife SLISAU30BK makes things easy: provided you've the space and don't mind increased energy bills, there's no reason to choose anything but this tall portable sauna.

SereneLife SLISAU30BK Full Size Portable Sauna in the use

Additional Info



What Is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas are saunas that use light to produce heat.

Sometimes, these saunas are referred to as far-infrared saunas, the "far" part there describing where the IR waves fall on the light spectrum.

Orthodox saunas are warming the air using heat. Then, that air warms the body. Infrared saunas, on the other hand, warm the bodies directly, without heating the air first.

The biggest difference here is that IR saunas produce the same results but keep the temperature as low as possible to maintain these results.

Generally speaking, traditional saunas range from 180 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, while infrared saunas are able to provide the same benefits without going above ~130 degrees.

As you would imagine, that makes IR saunas much more appealing to people with heart problems who are unable to tolerate high temperatures but would like to reap the rewards anyway.

We've covered what you should be looking for in the What Features to Compare section so, aside from everything we've addressed there, try to make sure that the sauna you're looking to purchase is as low EMF as possible.

These portable hot tubs will also let you relax and provide various health benefits.

What Features to Compare


Surface-level, there's nothing complicated here. These infrared saunas will be drawing and outputting power, so you should look into how much to make sure you won't be doubling the energy bills when using these devices regularly. Generally speaking, infrared saunas draw somewhere between 900 and 1300 watts depending on the size, maximum temperature, and various settings/features. There's not much to add here except that we would recommend avoiding those that draw more than 1500 watts since those are usually less energy-efficient than they could be.


More often than not, these portable saunas allow you to select the temperature somewhere between 120 and 140 degrees, keeping the increments around 5. Sometimes though, these devices let you choose any temperature within the 0-140-degree range. Certain saunas are able to go as high as 150+ degrees, which is great since these are the temperatures that are usually inside sauna rooms.

In addition to these, most saunas let you use timers to enable the device to automatically turn off 5-60 minutes from the moment you've engaged the timer.

Most infrared saunas come fitted with footpad heaters. You'll usually be able to manage these separately.


There's so much you can add to this group. First, these saunas come supplied with portable/foldable chairs much more often than not.

Second, infrared saunas usually incorporate sewn-in pockets that let you sit inside the sauna yet use different gadgets, read books, and more. These are usually matched with collars that you can use to stick your head out of the sauna.

Apart from that, these saunas sometimes come equipped with pockets inside and outside where you can hide the aforementioned gadgets, books, magazines, etc.

Make sure that the zippers are strong and tight yet you can easily access and exit the sauna.

Also, when the fabric is moisture-resistant, you're able to use these devices outside too.

Sometimes, high-end infrared saunas even come fitted with air ionizers that keep the environment inside these things fresh and sanitary.


Generally speaking, portable saunas measure somewhere around 40" x 30" x 30" when assembled, the dimensions that allow most people to sit inside comfortably. Sometimes though, these saunas come full-sized, so the height goes as high as 70+ inches. When that's the case, they're more difficult to assemble and disassemble but you're also able to stand inside them.

Difference Between Saunas and Steam Rooms

People often confuse saunas and steam rooms and even use these terms interchangeably. That's incorrect. Sure, there are various different saunas and steam rooms and, sometimes, certain spaces/devices can be both. More often than not though, there are one-two key differences between steam rooms and spas. In this section, we've decided to break down these differences.


Saunas use dry heat. Traditional saunas used to maintain temperatures somewhere between 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the humidity as low as possible and using wood, gas, electricity, or, nowadays, infrared tech to achieve the temperature. Generally speaking, sitting inside these things is uncomfortable and even somewhat unpleasant. There are upsides though.

First off, saunas promote blood circulation and cardiovascular health improvements. There are numerous studies suggesting that people who use/visit saunas regularly are much less likely to fall victim to heart attacks, strokes, and dementia.

From certain perspectives, sitting inside these things is like walking on treadmills while maintaining a regular pace. The heat makes the heart pump hard, increasing blood circulation and providing you with cardio benefits even though you're not moving at all (we're not saying that sitting inside saunas replaces cardiovascular exercises though since those promote many extra benefits too).

Saunas are also able to lessen pain and stiffness, hence why many people hit up saunas after working out (applying aloe vera gels and lotions post-factum will boost these benefits, in addition to moisturizing and soothing the skin). You can use pain relief devices afterward and barely experience any discomfort even after killing it in the gym. Some even experience energy gain and mood improvements.

Of course, there are downsides too. You can get dizzy from the heat. There are dehydration risks. That being said, provided you don't pump the temperature too high from the get-go and hydrate properly before entering saunas, you should face no negative consequences.

Steam Rooms

Steam rooms are not as hot as saunas. Also, they are much more humid. Generally speaking, these rooms keep the temperature anywhere from 100 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit and around 90-100% humidity. Though technically speaking, steam rooms are not as hot, the humidity makes these temperatures feel even more scorching hot.

The health benefits coming from this moist heat therapy do not differ that much compared to the dry heat that saunas use. These include the aforementioned cardio benefits, lessened pain, stiffness, and so on.

That being said, steam rooms will also be able to moisture and open the lungs, hydrating the respiratory tract and making these rooms great for people who suffer from asthma, various allergies, and other respiratory problems.

Keep in mind though that these "cardio benefits" won't aid weight loss since the weight you'll be losing will all be water weight (because, you know, sweating), so both steam rooms and saunas will not be able to replace cardio exercises from this perspective unless you put mini steppers there.

Which One Should I Choose?

Provided you don't have any respiratory problems, you can choose whichever one you want. Saunas are usually more accessible, so we would recommend looking into them first.
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