Product Comparison: CamelBak Rim Runner 22 vs CamelBak Fourteener 20

General Specifications
Rim Runner 22
Fourteener 20
About the Product
For years, the Rim Runner has been a favorite all-around pack for day hikers. The updated design offers a clean, technical aesthetic, 2.5 liters of hydration, and a hip belt with cargo pockets that let you grab snacks or keys without removing your pack. It’s designed to carry enough gear for most day hikes (layers, lunch, water and essentials) without the bulk of extra features that you won’t need.
Be prepared for anything with the Fourteener™ 20. Featuring a revolutionary Air Support™ back panel for maximum ventilation, it offers the perfect balance of comfort and performance. The new 3-liter Crux™ reservoir allows for all-day hydration while the innovative dual wing belt with integrated cargo compression keeps your load balanced. Multiple compartments, pockets and lash points offer a place for every essential as you stay cool, comfortable and ready to tackle whatever is around the next bend.
Key Specs
Hydration Capacity
85 oz.
100 oz.
Storage Capabilities
Hydration Compartment, Hipbelt Pockets, Large zippered front, Side pockets, Stretch Overrflow Pocket
Hydration Compartment, Hipbelt Pockets, Large zippered front, Front Stash Pocket, Stretch Overrflow Pocket
210-D ripstop nylon
What customers say about "Key Specs"
CamelBak Rim Runner 22 Hydration Pack, 85oz
  • There is a large pocket to stuff trash I find into so I can carry it out and tons of more space for camera, phone, snake bite kit, first aid kit, food etc.
  • Never felt uncomfortable and the newly designed mouth piece is really easy to use. The quality feels good and I don't see any potential areas of weakness.
  • Very comfortable, lots of places to adjust the weight and how you wear the pack.
  • This is a great size bag for a day trip. The quality is great, the material is light and the bag feels good when being worn.
  • Awesome backpack! Good size pockets for an extended day hike and also incredibly light.
  • This backpack has a serious lack of organization. The hip belt pockets are too small to even store a wallet or a phone.
CamelBak Fourteener 20 Hydration Pack, 100oz
  • My pack worked perfectly! Holds the weight perfectly and doesn't fill bulky even with 2 extra layers food and 4 litters of water etc.
  • All the storage pockets are in the right places for easy access to items needed while on the move.
  • I walked several hours a day for 5 days without any uncomfortability using this pack. For day-long hikes/excursions this is a great purchase!
  • Very nice lightweight backpack if u adjust it properly it fits like a glove. The wide hip belts are excellent.
  • This thing is huge. The pack is actually comfortable and had padding support for upper lower and mid back.
  • The bag is a bit bigger than I prefer for day hikes but it had what I wanted.
Size & Weight
19.7 in.
21.3 in.
10.6 in.
11.8 in.
9.6 in.
10.4 in.
25.7 oz.
38.8 oz.
Torso Length
17 - 21
17 - 21
Shoulder Straps
Waist Strap
Tube Portals
Quick-Disconnect Tubing
Fixation Clip
Reservoir Wide-Mouth Opening
Crux Reservoir, Airscape Backpanel, Unisex, Lifetime Warranty, Crux On/Off Lever, Removable Sternum Strap
Compression Straps, Lifetime Warranty, Trekking Pole Attachment, Unisex, Crux 3L Reservoir, Air Support Back Panel, Dual Wing Belt With Cargo
What customers say about "Features"
CamelBak Rim Runner 22 Hydration Pack, 85oz
  • The back material and straps breath well when I run, the extra pockets on the sides and waist straps are nice and the water spout retention works very well.
  • The main pocket is spacious. The pocket dedicated to the water reservoir/bladder even has a solid hook thing for the clasp on the front of the bladder to fit into nicely.
  • We like the size of the compartments , the net pockets on either side, the back saver design with waste buckle, and the overall size/design of this pack just works well for us.
  • Love the zipper pouches on the hip belt for easy to access snacks, or for your keys, license, or card. Hydration worked great, no leaks.
  • It keeps water cool for longer than I walk or hike(about 2 to 3 hours). Plenty of capacity. Plenty of room for trail mix , etc.
  • Overall pretty disappointed by the quality of this backpack.This backpack is definitely made to be lightweight, but it just feels flimsy.
CamelBak Fourteener 20 Hydration Pack, 100oz
  • The left hip strap also has a pocket as well as a mesh pocket for water bottles. All the pockets except the mesh hip pocket have zippers with grabable tabs.
  • The water flow is better than the generic ones I’ve owned and this one features an on/off valve. This one also features chest and waist straps to secure it to your body.
  • The 100 oz water bladder worked perfectly and was big enough for an 8 hour day of hiking.
  • The air support system kept my back cool. This pack has great compression for its size, nothing bounced around, I almost forgot I was wearing it.
  • The hydration system took awhile to get used to, but it is so easy to use! I'm delighted that I will finally have enough water for long outings.
  • They need to consider upping the size of the reservoirs. Not like you have to use the extra volume, but as for me, I need more water for a day.
Warranty / Certifications
Other Information
110.00 $
130.00 $

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