The Benefits of Choosing Latex Mattresses

Last update November 19, 2019
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One of the most important parts of a person’s life occurs when they aren’t awake. Sleeping takes up a third of our lives, yet most people don’t really take advantage of improving that part of their lives to the best of their abilities. One of the best ways to do this is by finding the right kind of mattress that can help improve their sleep, allowing them to get the maximum benefits from sleep time without any of the potential drawbacks. Latex mattresses help give you exactly that - maximum comfort and health while minimizing any harmful effects that can occur to us while we spend time in dreamland.

What Are Latex Mattresses?

What is a latex mattress?

Before extolling their benefits, it would be a good idea to find out what exactly these types of mattresses are. After all, most people don’t really pay too much attention to the type of mattress they get, preferring their own comfort above all other considerations. Latex mattresses are pretty much just what they sound like: they are mattresses that are made either wholly or in part of latex. Most people probably know what latex is, but for those who don’t - Latex is a material that is quite stretchable yet very strong. In fact, most people know it by another term: rubber. Latex is often either made of natural rubber, or of synthetic chemicals, yet the properties of both kinds are very similar and have many of the same characteristics. Latex has been proven to be a very effective material for a variety of household goods, including gloves, belts, matting, and various other things that are used on a daily basis.

Latex mattresses are often either made of organic or synthetic latex, or even with a hybrid material that includes both natural and synthetic varieties mixed in together, with there being some subtle differences between mattresses depending on the exact material used. Anyone wanting to buy a latex mattress will probably want to be aware of what type of latex is used in the construction of any particular mattress before purchase.

One other thing to note about latex mattresses is that they are often distinguished against other types of mattresses such as memory foam mattresses not only by the type of material used in their construction, but also by many of their other characteristics, including their overall appearance. With all of the different mattress types that are available today, it is good to know exactly what kind of mattress you are getting, as they all have various characteristics that make them very different from each other.

Advantages of Latex Mattresses

Advantages of latex mattresses

Having already talked about what latex mattresses are and that they differ greatly from mattresses of other types, it is a good idea to talk about the main advantages that these types of mattresses have, and for good reason. Latex mattresses have a large variety of advantages over mattresses of other types that helps make them one of the best mattress types to use now, as these benefits can greatly improve almost everything about one-third of your life that you will spend using one.

Health and Safety

Latex mattresses provide better support for your back

The first (and possibly biggest) advantage that latex mattresses have over most other types is in how they can greatly benefit both your health and safety. This, of course, is of the utmost importance to most people, as the time we spend sleeping will have a great effect on our overall health. Those who sleep well tend to have much better health than those who don’t, as many studies have proven, and a mattress that helps us sleep better will naturally benefit our health in a myriad of ways.

The primary way that latex mattresses have an advantage over other types is that unlike most other types of mattresses, latex mattresses have no toxins contained in their construction. Many of the types of materials used in other types of mattresses tend to not be great for our health, and after time, when mattresses start getting worn down, some of these toxins start getting released into the air or into the sheets, and then, in turn, they can often get into our bodies. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, contain no toxins of any sort, so even a well-worn latex mattress poses no threat of releasing toxins.

Another health benefit of latex mattresses is that they don’t trap any external elements that can cause issues with our health, such as pollen, dust mites, mold, or other types of allergens. Those who suffer from any type of allergy can rest assured that their latex mattress isn’t trapping in any elements that will cause those allergies to be triggered. Even those with pets won’t have to worry about the mattress trapping in pet dander. A simple washing of the sheets and a wipe-down of the mattress will clear away any allergens that may have made their way onto your bed.

One other huge safety benefit to latex mattresses is that they are fire-resistant, meaning that no source of heat or flame will cause them to ignite. The same can’t be said of many other mattress types. Even those that have a fire-resistant coating will often have combustible materials inside of them, whereas latex mattresses are fire-resistant throughout the entirety of the mattress.

Pain Relief

Latex mattresses help relieve pain

Many users of latex mattresses have reported that such types of mattresses are often the best for relieving many of the stress pains that people tend to have, thanks to the ability of the mattress to conform to the natural form of the body while at the same time maintaining their firmness. The overall support for a person’s body provided by latex mattresses helps to reduce existing pains while preventing new ones from appearing.

Long Lasting

Latex mattresses have long overall life expectancy

Most mattresses of any type will have a limited life expectancy, which is only natural. Our bodies tend to be heavy, and any type of mattress that is regularly supporting the weight of one or more people will tend to get worn out over time. The question, then, is only how long a mattress will be able to hold up before it needs to be replaced. With latex mattresses, the overall life expectancy tends to be much greater than that of most other types, thanks to the natural strength and elasticity of latex that helps to hold the human form without being stressed to a great capacity. It is not at all unusual for a latex mattress to be just as firm and comfortable after many years of use as it was the day it was purchased.

No Odors

Latex mattresses do not trap in foul odors

A common feature of many older types of mattresses is that they tend to trap in the odors from either people or pets over time. With a latex mattress, however, this is simply not possible thanks to the chemical composition of latex, which prevents other odors from getting trapped inside. Even a well worn latex mattress will be without the bad odors that come from years of being in close contact with the human body, or even from any other environmental factors.

Environmentally Friendly

Latex mattresses are eco-friendly

One last advantage of latex mattresses that should appeal to many people is that they are very friendly to the environment, especially those that are made of natural latex. Such mattresses contain very little in the way of chemicals, and just like how they don’t release toxins into our bodies, they also don’t pollute or destroy the environment.

Disadvantages of Latex Mattresses

Disadvantages of latex mattresses

As you can see above, there's an enormous amount of advantages that latex mattresses have over most other mattress types, especially for those who are concerned about the comfort and durability of the mattress, or even to those with allergy problems. However, as much as we would like to say that latex mattresses are all sunshine and roses, there are unfortunately a few disadvantages that they tend to have, at least according to some users. Although we feel that the advantages far outweigh any problems that they might have, we feel it is only fair for you to be aware of what these potential disadvantages are.


Latex mattresses have rather high price tags

The first thing that is most likely to cross anyone’s mind in regard to a potential disadvantage for a latex mattress is likely to be the overall expensiveness of them, and if this crossed your own mind, you just might be right. Latex mattresses, on the whole, tend to be very expensive, depending on the type of latex mattress that you buy. A 100% natural latex mattress tends to be the most expensive type, with some models even costing thousands of dollars. However, in recent years, latex mattresses have dropped quite a bit in price. Although they may tend to cost more than other mattress types, you can always find a great deal if you know where to look.


Latex mattresses are among the heaviest you can find

Any kind of mattress tends to be relatively heavy, and latex mattresses are certainly no exception to the rule. However, due to the nature of latex, many latex mattresses tend to be among the heaviest you can find. Although this may not mean much to many people initially, those who will have to move the mattress around a lot may need to keep this in mind. Having said that, we don’t feel the heavier weight of latex mattresses is a huge issue on its own, but each person will have their own preference in regard to whether or not the excess weight is worth the advantages that they bring.


Firmness of latex mattresses

We won’t lie - latex mattresses, on the whole, tend to be quite firm. While some people prefer having a firmer mattress, others prefer ones that are softer. The big thing to keep in mind with a latex mattress, though, is that the initial firmness will start to give away to a softer overall feel once the mattress has been “broken in”. If you purchase a new latex mattress and feel that it is just a little bit too firm for your liking at first, just give it some time. Once it has been broken in, the comfort level of the mattress will most likely be more suitable.


The level of compression of latex mattresses

One other thing to be aware of, and which also affects mattresses of just about any type, is the level of compression that they experience over their lifetime. The compression level has to do with how the mattress tends to have indents of your body after a period of use. Latex mattresses are not immune to compression, although it does tend to be much less pronounced in mattresses made of 100% natural latex.

The Best Latex Mattress to Buy

The BedStory 10 inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

After learning about all of the pros and cons of latex mattress types, as well as the general features that such mattresses tend to have, chances are you are likely intrigued by them, and wondering which latex mattress is the best one to purchase. Although many different types of latex mattresses will hold their own set of advantages and disadvantages, there is one mattress that tends to rise above all of the others. The BedStory 10 inch Latex Hybrid Mattress is one of the best latex mattresses that we have seen, thanks to its combination of features, price, and overall comfort. This particular latex mattress is made of a hybrid of both natural and synthetic latex, giving you the best features of both types of latex with very few of the drawbacks. This means that this mattress has a healthy design that is free of toxins as well as being highly resistant to allergens of any type. The mattress cover is made of knit fabric, giving the mattress a level of breathability that is beyond most other types of latex mattresses. It is even able to absorb moisture and dry quickly, preventing it from maintaining any unpleasant odors that tend to plague many other mattress types.

Advantages of the BedStory 10 inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

The BedStory 10 inch Latex Hybrid Mattress has quite a few other advantages to it. Unlike many other latex mattresses that tend to be extremely firm, especially on first use, this particular mattress features a medium firmness that most people find to be quite suitable to their preferences. In addition, the mattress provides an extreme amount of support for the entire body while maintaining a very low level of motion transfer, letting users sleep comfortably without excessive body movements providing a disturbance for other sleepers. The 10 inch thickness of this mattress makes it the perfect size for most beds, as well as proving to be a comfortable fit for most types of latex mattress toppers. Best of all, though, is the extremely low price, which makes this mattress quite competitive with even the cheapest ones you can find of other mattress types, not to mention being much more affordable than many of the other premium types of mattresses.


With all of the different types of mattresses available today, latex mattresses, on the whole, provide a level of overall comfort and safety that is simply unrivaled, while giving you a huge selection of advantages that far outweigh the few disadvantages that they have. If you are looking for a mattress that is sure to provide you with maximum comfort during your bed time, while keeping you safe and healthy, and all without a premium price, then there just aren’t any options that are better than the BedStory 10 inch Latex Hybrid Mattress.