How to Use a Body Back Buddy

Last update November 18, 2019
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Whether you are an active or sedentary person, chances are that at times you suffer from aches and pains in your back and neck, and you can never get the proper treatment for such when you need it. Massages usually work best for such treatment, but getting a masseuse takes time and money, and many home massage devices just don’t provide the exact type of massage treatment that really works. If you find yourself in this predicament, then don’t despair. The Body Back Buddy was designed for just such purposes, providing you with a tool to help relieve tension and aches without the aid of another person or a fancy device. 

What Is a Body Back Buddy?

What is a body back buddy

Massage devices are nothing new. In fact, many people have owned one of the many such devices that have been out on the market at some point, and what most people can agree on about them is that they are generally ineffective at relieving the aches and muscle tension that they were designed to treat. Despite how high-tech many of these devices are now, they still haven’t really been able to increase in effectiveness, often leaving their users frustrated with the experience of using them. 

This is where The Body Back Buddy comes in. This device is the opposite of what you will most often find on the market now: simple, manually used, and quite effective at its job. The Body Back Buddy was carefully designed to provide the most effective self-massage while being extremely easy to use, allowing users to properly relieve the tensions that are causing them pain without needing to exert a lot of energy or figure out how to use a complicated device. This firmly places the body back buddy into the category of the best massagers, and in fact, it is hard to argue that it is not at the very top, according to the feedback that users have provided about its effectiveness.

The Body Back Buddy is a very simple device, using an S-shaped design that allows users to easily reach every part of the body, with knobs of different shapes that allow for specific types of massages that will effectively relieve pain and aches from the massaged area. The shape of the device may look intimidating at first, but once you use it, you will see how great it works for reaching those hard-to-reach areas that are often a problem to effectively massage with other massage tools.

Advantages of Using the Body Back Buddy

Advantages of using the Body Back Buddy

Although the Body Back Buddy may seem like an unusual device, especially when compared to many other massage devices, its advantages will appear as soon as you start using it. If you are a bit unsure of how this device can provide you with a better massage than many of the other massagers available on the market, then it is a good idea to take a close look at many of the advantages that it offers over these other devices.

You Control the Massage

You control the effectiveness of the massage

Many different massage devices like to tout their effectiveness at providing a good massage, but very few actually can deliver one. The Body Back Buddy, though, is a bit different, in that it doesn’t claim to actually provide a massage. Instead, it gives you the ability to provide a massage for yourself, letting you control the entire effectiveness of the massage by allowing you to massage the exact spots that you need, as well as control the pressure of the massage. This lets you get the exact type of massage that you want, instead of having to direct a masseuse or just hoping for the best.

Reach Anywhere

It allows you to reach any part of your body

The human form is unable to effectively reach many parts of the body, especially the back, in a way that would allow for providing oneself with an effective massage. That is where the Body Back Buddy comes in. This device is made specifically for allowing you to reach and effectively massage any part of your body, ensuring that you have your entire body covered with a massage without having to pay someone to give one to you. The S shape of the device lets you wrap it around your body easily, with the knobs lined up where the massage is needed, and the extended handles give you full control of the device while applying the massage to any part of the body. Such kind of full control is simply not possible with most other massage devices.

Different Knob Shapes

You can choose which type of massage to apply

Not only do you have full control over the placement and pressure of your massage, but the various knob shapes give you the ability to choose which type of massage to apply. The large rounded knobs are perfect for a well-covered back massage along the spine, while the pointed knobs allow for a penetrating massage deep into your muscles. The smaller nubs allow for the perfect massage along your neck, and a large rounded ball gives you the perfect foot massager that helps to relieve your aches. Regardless of which type of massage you need, the Body Back Buddy will have you covered.

Easy to Store and Carry

The device is slim and easy to carry with you

Not everyone needs to have the Body Back Buddy with them everywhere they go. This is fine, as the Body Back Buddy has a slim design that lets you easily store it in a closet whenever it isn’t needed. For those who do often need it, though, especially while on the go, the lightweight design along with its shape makes it quite easy to carry with you. This lets you give yourself the massage you need after an intense workout at the gym, or even just a nice relaxing massage whenever you are on a stressful business trip. No matter where you go, you can take the Body Back Buddy with you.

Save Money on Painkillers

Can be used instead of painkillers

If you often find yourself relying on painkillers to help get rid of headaches, stress pains, or other ailments, the Body Back Buddy will become a suitable replacement in many cases. Once you try out this device and get used to the best methods of providing yourself with an effective massage, you will soon find that these aches and pains will go away, providing you with a more permanent solution to them rather than the temporary one that pain relievers often provide. Save yourself some money and from frequent trips to the pharmacy and use the Body Back Buddy to give you a proper and more permanent solution for pain relief.

Choose Your Favorite Color

You can choose your favorite color

Although some people don’t think of the appearance of their massage device to be of much importance, many others do, especially those who will be taking the device with them wherever they go. The Body Back Buddy has a pleasant design, and is also available in the choice of three different colors, letting you choose the one that best matches your outfit or surroundings. The blue, onyx black, and purple colors give you the choice of which one will be most pleasing to your eye.

Best Exercises for Using the Body Back Buddy

How to use the Body Back Buddy

After learning all about the Body Back Buddy and the advantages that it offers over most other traditional massage devices, you are probably interested in learning exactly how to use the device. Thankfully, using it is quite easy and intuitive, taking no more than a few seconds to figure out. Since it isn’t a powered device, there are no complex buttons or settings that need to be learned. The device is operated manually, giving you complete and total control over how to use it, including where you place it and how much pressure to apply. Having said that, there are some best practices to follow for providing you with the best and most effective massage in any particular part of the body. Outside of these, though, the unique shape of the device gives you the ability to try many different positions and exercises with the device, providing limitless possibilities on how to use it most effectively.

Back Massage

Back massage

The different choices of therapy knobs give you plenty of different ways to provide yourself with a good pinpoint pressure or all-encompassing back massage. If you are looking to relieve tension in a specific part of your back, hook the Body Back Buddy over your shoulder so that the therapy knob on the tip of the S is positioned in the exact place of your tension. Once this is done, push the tool away from your body with your lower hand while keeping the therapy knob positioned with the other hand. You can apply just the right amount of pressure in order to relieve the pain. You can also tilt the knob up and down to give it a kneading action if just applying pressure isn’t enough. It is best to do this for about 10 to 30 seconds at a time.

For a more comprehensive back massage, you can line up the two therapy knobs in the middle of the device along each side of your spine, and work the knobs up and down to provide the kneading action necessary to get into your muscles. You can do this all up and down along your back to relieve tightened muscles and aches.

Neck Massage

Neck massage

The Body Back Buddy is just as effective for your neck as any dedicated neck massagers, if not more so. Just like with a back massage, you can use a pinpoint massage on your neck by using the therapy knob on the tip of the S, and by using similar movement as you would on the back. However, you want something more encompassing, there are two therapy knobs close together on the inside curve of the S that allow you to line them up on each side of the spine. You can still easily use the leverage of your body to provide the right amount of pressure, angling the knobs up and down for the kneading action.

Shoulder Massage

Shoulder massage

The S shape of the Body Back Buddy really lets you get pinpoint control over a shoulder massage, something that simply isn’t possible with most other massage devices. Multiple therapy knobs are located on the inside curve of the S that let you hook the device over your shoulder while placing the knob in the exact spot it is needed. Both the rounded and narrower therapy knobs allow for this pinpoint control, letting you get either a gentle kneading or a deep penetrating massage, depending on which knob you use and the amount of pressure that you apply.

Foot Massage

Foot massage

If you do not own a foot massager, the Body Back Buddy is just as suitable for providing a foot massage as it is for any other part of the body. The inside part of the smaller curve has a large rounded therapy knob that is perfect for a foot massage. Just place this curve on the floor with the knob facing up, and place your foot on the knob. You can massage any part of the bottom of your foot quite easily just by moving your foot around on the knob.


As you can see, the Body Back Buddy has the ability to provide you with a therapeutic, pain-relieving massage on just about any part of your body. With the unique shape and the variety of therapy knobs located on the device, you can experiment with many different positions and techniques in order to give yourself the best massage possible, one that can rival those from a trained massage therapist. For the low cost of this device, the Body Back Buddy can provide you with the perfect massage at any time and in any place, making it an invaluable tool for those who need pain or stress relief.