How to Stay Secure Online with PureVPN

Last update July 9, 2019
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The Internet is a lot of fun as well as educational in that most people are provided with more information than in any time in history, but such advantages come with their share of perils as well. Danger abounds on the Internet in many different forms, not the least of which is in the potential breaching of your own personal security. Such personal information that most people don’t share with others has the potential to be exposed on-line, and unfortunately, there is no lack of unscrupulous people who are more than willing to take advantage of this. That is why ensuring the security of your data and Internet usage is of the utmost importance.

The Importance of a VPN Service

Importance of using a VPN service

One of the best ways to help protect your personal security and Internet history is by using a VPN service, which can help hide your identity while browsing around. Using such a service has become a common way for people to utilize many of the advantages of the Internet without having to worry about others tracking their Internet usage. VPN services allow for browsing the Internet in total anonymity, without websites being able to track your location, and even without those with malicious intent being able to find your personal information.

Before going into the complete list of benefits of a VPN service, it is important to know exactly how a VPN service works. And in order to do that, it is necessary to explain on a basic level how the Internet works. Knowing this information may not seem necessary at first, but this knowledge can definitely help you to be aware of your online presence and how to keep it anonymous.

Basic Internet Structure

Basic Internet structure

Whenever you connect to the Internet, your home online presence, which is usually in the form of your Internet router, becomes a part of the entire Internet network. Each location on the Internet is identified by what is known as an IP address, which is a number that is broken up into four segments. An IP address is always in this four segment format (example:, with each segment being a number between 0 and 255. Your computer along with any other devices in your home network, in turn, will have their own IP address that is hidden behind your router, usually being in the private IP address range ( or similar). When you connect to the Internet, whichever device you are using will generally act through your router’s IP address.

Each website that you connect to on the Internet will also have its own IP address, along with any other service that is used online. IP addresses are basically the address that each computer looks up whenever connecting to somewhere else. These IP address, in turn, are usually tracked by any number of things. Websites can often track the IP addresses that connect to them, which is a simple enough procedure for anyone who knows how to do it. In fact, this is often how computers get compromised, through malware installed through a malicious website that allows hackers to gain access to a computer.

Internet Tracking

Internet tracking

Of course, websites aren’t the only things that track IP addresses. Most Internet service providers have logs of which websites have been browsed by IP addresses on their network, and in turn, many governments or even hackers can gain access to this information as well. In short, it should never be assumed that you truly have any kind of anonymity on the Internet.

Not all tracking is malicious, however. In fact, much of the tracking that is performed online is actually essential to many different websites and online services. For instance, a search engine will often track your location in order to give your search queries the best local results for your area. Looking for a good pet food store won’t do much good if the search engine is only giving you locations in another state. Also, most video streaming services need to track your location in order to make sure that the videos available to you for streaming are appropriate for your location. Weather apps on your smartphone or computer need location tracking in order to give you the weather forecast for your city. As you can see, there are quite a few valid reasons for websites and online services to track you.

How VPN Services Work

How VPS works

Regardless of the legitimate needs of many websites and online services to track you, many people feel much more comfortable remaining anonymous. Furthermore, there are plenty of legitimate situations where it is better to not be tracked. VPN services exist for the purpose of giving you the ability to mask your true location to the Internet, giving you an extra level of privacy and security. On top of that, there may be times when it is necessary to give a website or service a location that is somewhere other than your current physical location in order to access the service. A VPN service lets you do that without worries of not being able to access a service based on location restrictions.

How this works is by a VPN pretending to be another network. VPN services allow for a customer to connect to their service using an initial encrypted connected that then lets them use the Internet as if the user is located wherever the VPN server is, rather than based on the user’s actual physical location. Once connected to the VPN service, all websites and online services that are accessed while connected to the VPN will register with the destinations as being at the location of the VPN server rather than at the user’s home. On top of that, all data that is passed between your computer and the VPN server is encrypted, ensuring that no one is able to intercept and read the data that is being passed back and forth. This helps add both anonymity and security to your Internet experience.

Why Use a VPN Service

Why use VPN

Not everyone is wholly concerned about maintaining complete privacy on the Internet. After all, social media sites are quite popular, and they don’t allow for much anonymity at all. However, even for those who are not entirely concerned about keeping their online activities private, there are quite a few valid reasons why a VPN service is of benefit to most everyone. In fact, many people who do remote work for their jobs are required by their employer to connect to their office network through a VPN. Outside of this, many individuals have good reasons to use them in many situations. Below are some of the ways which show that using a VPN service can be useful.

  • Using online streaming services while traveling
  • Downloading torrents
  • Accessing a website or service with location restrictions against your area
  • Watching sports events through a stream that are blacked out in your region
  • Guarding against sketchy websites that try to track you
  • Connecting remotely to your home or office network
  • Preventing your ISP from throttling your Internet connection based on services used
  • Using a public WiFi hotspot

These are just a few of the reasons to use a VPN service, although there are plenty of other times and reasons to use one. Overall, using a VPN service can give you an extra level of security that simply isn’t possible otherwise.

The Best VPN Service - PureVPN

PureVPN service

Now that you have seen how VPN services work and why they should be used. you are probably wondering about which VPN service is the best one for you. Thankfully, we have an answer. PureVPN is one of the top rated VPN services in the world, offering customers a large number of benefits that simply can’t be matched by most other VPN services. Best of all, though, is that they offer their customers an outstanding service that protects the user’s privacy while giving them excellent connection speeds.

PureVPN Features

PureVPN features

Many VPN services offer a limited subset of features that are meant to enhance the user experience with their service. PureVPN goes a step beyond and offers a wide range of features that all contribute to a powerful yet user-friendly experience:

How PureVPN Protects You

PureVPN protection

Using the PureVPN services offers a large number of protections for your anonymity and Internet safety. This is accomplished through using military-grade 256 bit encryption to encrypt all of the data that is passed between you and the PureVPN servers. This means that anyone else who wants to intercept your data, whether they be an individual hacker or a government agency, will be locked out of seeing any of the data that you send or receive through the VPN connection.

On top of the encrypted connection, there are a number of other security features that will keep your data safe and your online identity anonymous:

  • Ozone add-on that proactively protects your identity and data 24/7
  • Port Forwarding
  • IP Address Masking
  • Dedicated IP address for your online identity
  • DDoS protection to protect your online connection from being disabled by hackers
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • Ad Blocking

Along with these security features, there are many others included in the PureVPN service that all work together to provide you with a maximum level of anonymity and security.

Why Use PureVPN

Why use PureVPN

After seeing all of the features of the PureVPN service along with how it protects your online presence, there should be little need to state how this service provides you with the best VPN experience possible. As you can see, PureVPN offers a huge number of benefits to you. You get blazingly fast Internet speeds without any kind of throttling, letting you stream video without any performance issues, all while keeping your identity and data protected against any and all threats. You get access to thousands of servers in more than 140 countries, letting you work around location restrictions however you want, while maintaining access to anything and everything online. Best of all, though, is that PureVPN provides you with all of these features for a low monthly price.


PureVPN verdict

With all of the information we have given you about how VPN services work, and how the PureVPN service provides you with maximum protection while at the same time giving you an unprecedented level of freedom, it should be clear the huge advantage that you will have by using the PureVPN service. Whether you are concerned about keeping your online identity a secret, wish to protect your personal information from hackers, or simply just want to work around some of the mundane restrictions that come with online services, PureVPN can provide you with exactly what you need and more at a very affordable price.