How to Choose a Fireproof Gun Safe

Last update June 4, 2020
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Here in the United States, gun ownership is a right, not a privilege. With that right, though, comes a load of responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping your guns and your family safe. One of the best ways to do that is by storing your guns in a fireproof gun safe, in order to ensure that only authorized people have access to them while also keeping your family protected. Whether you are a first-time gun owner, or someone who already owns firearms but you do not yet have a safe place to store them, read on for some tips on keeping your firearms safe and secure.

What Is a Fireproof Gun Safe?

What is a fireproof gun safe?

Before talking about why you need a fireproof gun safe, it is probably best to determine what a fireproof gun safe actually is. In short, these are safes that are specifically made to allow for completely secure protection for firearms, keeping them safe not only from those who aren’t supposed to handle them, but also safe from certain disasters, especially from fire. Not all fireproof gun safes will be the same, though, as while some may be made specifically for storing handguns, others might be made only for storing rifles. Of course, there are safes made for storing both types of firearms, but choosing the correct one for your needs may be a bit complicated due to the variety of safes that are offered.

Why Fireproof?

Why fireproof?

One question that immediately comes to mind to many people when a fireproof gun safe is mentioned is why does it need to be fireproof? This is a pretty simple answer, if you think about it. Ammunition for any type of firearm is highly combustible, which means that just getting too hot can be enough to make the ammunition go off. In the event of a fire in one’s home, even a small fire close to the ammunition is enough to cause them to combust. Having a fireproof gun safe, though, is a good way to protect both your firearms and the ammunition from the extreme heat of any fire, allowing the guns to remain safe while also preventing the ammunition from exploding and causing harm to others.

Just How Safe Is a Safe?

Are these safes safe?

Another question that is sure to come up regarding fireproof gun safes is about just how safe they are. Unfortunately, there is no single answer for this, as the wide variety of different gun safes that are available will differ by quite a bit. In general, many gun safes will require either a key or some sort of lock for keeping them closed, while many others will include their own custom locks or other security measures. On top of that, the build quality of a gun safe will also go a long way towards showing just how secure it will keep your firearms. In short, the answer to this question will depend on the exact gun safe you are considering.

What to Look for in a Fireproof Gun Safe

Important characteristics to consider

Now that you have a good idea of what a fireproof gun safe is, it is time to learn about what characteristics you should look for. If you’re not sure about what characteristics they should have, then this is the section for you. Just as you can check any fireproof safe review to see what characteristics are talked about the most, we will also talk about the necessary characteristics in detail below.


Choose the right size

The capacity of any fireproof gun safe is going to be one of the biggest concerns, as you want to make sure you have one that is suitable for storing not only all of your firearms, but all of the ammunition and accessories that go with them as well. On top of that, if you plan on purchasing any additional firearms in the future, you will want to make sure the safe that you choose will be large enough to accommodate them.


Make sure there's a lock provided

The whole purpose of a safe is to keep your valuables safe, and having the right kind of lock is the key component of that. Different safes will have different types of locks, with some having a dial combination lock, whereas others will be more up-to-date and have a digital lock. Still others may not include a lock at all, letting you choose the lock that you prefer to use, although most safes will generally come with some type of a lock.


Other types of protection that can be included

A fireproof gun safe needs to include the right type of protection in order to keep your firearms, ammunition, and accessories safe and sound. The type of protection we are referring to here, of course, is fire protection, which is often rated at the maximum temperature that the safe can withstand for a certain amount of time. However, protection isn’t always limited to just fire. Many of the best fireproof gun safes will also offer protection against water, as well as impact resistance and even reinforced hinges and bolts.


Consider the type of materials a safe is made of

Last but certainly not least, the type of materials that your fireproof gun safe is made of can help determine just how “safe” it really is. Most of the safes you will find will usually be made primarily of steel, but it is also not uncommon to find other materials used in their construction, such as other types of metals or even fibreglass. Regardless, most will be made with some kind of material that is both strong and resistant to excessive heat.

How to Choose the Best Fireproof Gun Safe

How to choose the best fireproof gun safe

Now that you have an idea of what features and characteristics you need in a fireproof gun safe, you are probably wondering where to find one. After all, fireproof gun safes aren’t generally items that are heavily advertised on most big retailers’ websites. In fact, when it comes to anything having to do with guns, it can often be difficult to find a good, reputable website for pointing out such products. Thankfully, we can help guide you in the right direction.

One of the best websites for finding the best fireproof gun safe is Property Guardmaster, which specializes in reviewing products related to home security. These reviews aren’t just quick overviews, though. The two primary authors of this website are both home security experts who have spent years either working in or researching anything and everything having to do with home security, so you can be assured that you are receiving expert advice on any of the products that they recommend.

Home Security Products

Property Guardmaster's range of different home security products

The range of different home security products that are reviewed at Property Guardmaster is quite extensive. Everything ranging from the basics of home security, including security cameras, safes and even doorbells, to more obscure products such as driveway alarms and locking mailboxes are covered here. And yes, even fireproof gun safes are extensively reviewed, with the authors using their years of experience to discern the best and most effective ones that will work best for your home.

The range of reviewed products doesn’t stop there, though. On top of what was mentioned above, you also get reviews on a wide variety of products that not only make your home safer, but more comfortable, giving you the best advice on how to keep your home in the best shape possible thank to their extremely broad range of product reviews that focus on both the safest and the best quality products for all parts of your home, ranging from your front yard to your back yard.

Expert Advice

Expert advice

Although Property Guardmaster gives you a huge range of product reviews, that isn’t all that the site offers. You also get expert advice on a wide range of areas in helping to keep your home or office safe, as well as keeping yourself and your family healthy and happy. This combination of product reviews and advice leads to you getting not just information on the latest security products, but expert tips on how to use them in order to get the best security and value out of these products. Essentially, just about everything you need to know about home security can be found on this website, making it a one-stop resource for all of your home or office security needs.


As you can see, finding the best fireproof gun safe isn’t as hard as you may think. While many other sites might give you some recommendations on some gun safes that will probably vary in their features and overall capabilities but without giving you the proper guidance that you may need, you will get so much more by looking for recommendations at the Property Guardmaster website. Not only will you get reviews of the absolute best fireproof gun safes, but you will also get expert advice on keeping your firearms and other valuables as safe and secure as possible, giving you a much safer living experience overall. At the end of the day, you won’t find a better repository of home security information than at Property Guardmaster.