Product Comparison: Bag Boy Quad XL vs Sun Mountain Micro

General Specifications
Bag Boy
Sun Mountain
Quad XL
About the Product
Quad XL is packed with features. Stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket prevents the golf bag from twisting. Oversized scorecard holder with a smart phone holder and golf ball storage.
This cart features a new upper bag bracket to better hold stand bags as well as an extendable front axle that expands the front wheel base by two inches to better hold larger golf bags.
Key Specs
Adjustable handle
Adjustable handle
Frame Material
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart
  • I also like how the handle can be set to different heights. Definitely holds my bag securely.
  • Smaller, lighter, takes less space--both folded and unfolded
  • I felt comfortable pushing this cart... Arms and shoulders were relaxed using this cart.
  • The 4 wheels make it very stable, you can push or pull and I appreciate the hand brake in case you are on an incline.
  • The handle has a comfort grip where you can place 2 hands when necessary and it is adjustable for your height.
Sun Mountain Micro 2017 Golf Cart GT
  • I've had other golf carts, and none rolled as easily as this one. Very easy to unfold/fold, well made
  • i also really like the netting near the handle which i use for my rangefinder.
  • The sun mountain folds easily and doesn't take up much room... that was my dislike with the three wheel carts (too bulky). I've now used it a half a dozen times. Rolls well... good storage.
  • Actually purchased for my wife. She loves it. Much easier to open/fold than her older 3-wheel cart.
  • Rugged aluminum construction makes cart is very light. High quality as expected from Sun Mountain.
Size & Weight
49 in.
48 in.
14.2 lbs.
16.6 lbs.
51 in.
53 in.
26.5 in.
32 in.
Number Of Wheels
Hand brake
Hand brake
Wheel Size
11.5 in.
12 in.
What customers say about "Construction"
Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart
  • I went with this one because it seemed more robust and less likely to tip compared to smaller 3 wheeled carts.
  • It rolls straight and smooth which is nice. It was pretty easy to put together.
  • Easier and faster to fold and unfold. Round tube at bottom doubles as a handle and makes it easy to carry one-handed
  • Deployment was quick and easy, and no fuss.
  • When the round was over, it was a cinch breaking it down into a relatively small, and definitely light little package.
Sun Mountain Micro 2017 Golf Cart GT
  • Very stable thanks to the 4 wheels. Very easy/fast to fold for storage and unfold.
  • Hand brake is excellent. The Sync Cart bag is a perfect fit and stays put with the single bungee cord.
  • Its light and compact, but most importantly, easy for her to fold and unfold.
  • The locking break utilizes a pin system which appears to be really nice compared to clamp style breaking system.
  • Folds into a small unit that fits into the trunk of my tiny Mercedes convertible with the top up Which really narrows the space.
  • the bag rests on 2 narrow areas which put a hole on one side of my bag and significant wear on the other side where the bag rests on the cart
Battleship Gray / Lime
Rain Cover
GPS/Phone Holder
Umbrella Holder
Drink Holders
Extra-deep scorecard console, Golf ball storage, Top-Lok™ technology, 9.5 inch front wheels
Self-locking lower latch, Mesh basket, Padded valuables tray, Score card, tee, ball and pencil holders, Extendable front axle
What customers say about "Features"
Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart
  • The cup holder is big enough for a regular size Gatorade or Powerade bottle, but not much bigger.
  • Under the scorecard holder there's room for a few balls and something like a bag of tees.
  • Last is the phone holder. I have an iPhone 7+, it fits securely. I've used this pushcart for about 6 rounds now, and the little elastic band that holds it in place has held up so far.
  • Umbrella holder can be mounted either left or right, and not in the middle of the handle
  • The compartment/main console helped to keep me better organized throughout the round and helped keep my pockets relatively empty
Sun Mountain Micro 2017 Golf Cart GT
  • The Sun Mountain has a wonderful front "panel" with strong magnetic score card holder, tee and pencil slots and 1 extra ball slot.
  • The front compartment is great and fits my phone, wallet, keys, etc.
  • The clip system is pretty self explainitory and she had it firgured out within a minute without assistance.
  • She loves the padded compartment and the front "panel" in the Sun Mountain Micro GT
  • The front axle can extend. you push a button on the front axle frame bar. The button recesses and allows you to expand the wheel sideways another 3-4 inches. Worked out great to fit a bag cart.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
3 year(s)
Other Information
219.95 $

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