Best Facial Steamers for Your Home SPA

Review & Comparison, Last Update December 22, 2023
Are you looking for an at-home alternative to rather expensive and time taking spa beauty treatment? There is one, it’s a facial steamer. Designed to provide delicate yet efficient facial care, this unit offers multiple skin health benefits and delivers spa-quality experience. We’ve picked 5 most popular models to ease your choice and find the best one for your skin type. ...Read more ...Read less
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The unit generates oxygen ionic vapors ensuring anti-inflammatory effect, promoting blood circulation and nutritive absorption as well as sterilizing and cleaning your skin. 


Initial assembly is required. However, it's quite simple.


With the Icarus Facial Steamer, you can enjoy all the benefits of professional spa treatment at home. The unit is a great value both for health-conscious beauty enthusiasts and for professional estheticians.

detailed parameters

Steam with oxygen ionic particles 


56 oz (up to 30 min) 


Separate vapor and ozone switches


4 Castors for easy transportation, Adjustable height (32" to 41"), Twisted arm 


6 months


A 5-piece kit of surgical grade stainless steel makes a perfect bonus to follow up your steaming session with the extraction of blackheads and blemish.


For sensitive skin, the vapor might seem rather hot.


This 3-in-1 model will truly impress you with its versatility and functionality. From now on, a facial is easy like never before. In addition, you can enjoy the functions of a towel cleaner and air humidifier. 

detailed parameters

Nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles 


6.75 oz (up to 30 min) 


Control knob (3 settings: Warm towel, Facial steamer, Humidifier)


Towel steaming chamber, Accurate focus of steam, 5-piece skin kit 


1 year


A 15-minute timer will save you the trouble of constantly checking the steaming time session so that you could enjoy the beauty procedure to the max.


Vapor might seem not concentrated enough when you use a facial cone.


Forget about blackhead and acne with Conair! This powerful facial sauna system comes complete with an additional facial brush for a deep yet delicate cleansing and a sponge to tackle this widespread skin problem in the most efficient way. 

detailed parameters

Warm steam 


~2 oz (up to 15 min) 


On/Off button, Up to 15-min timer


Facial and nasal cones included, Facial brush (2 speeds, Exfoliating brush and sponge attachments - 2 AA batteries), Measuring cup 


1 year 


A convenient ergonomic handle allows you to safely move and transfer the unit right after use, even if it’s still hot. No risk of burns.


You can feel some plastic smell during the first use. But eventually, it will disappear.


No matter what skin type you have, the Secura facial steamer will provide the best steaming effect, unclogging your pores and allowing you to remove the dirt, oil, and grime. Your skin will look healthy and feel healthy too. 

detailed parameters

Nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles 


~3 oz (up to 10 min) 


On/Off button 


Accurate focus of steam, Handle 


1 year 


A UV-lamp additionally sterilizes water for your skin to benefit from the purest steam free from any bacteria and germs.


It takes some time to find a convenient position for the best face coverage.


Bring professional sauna spa to your home with KINGDOMCARES. Hydrating and rejuvenating your skin, it will help you get rid of many skin problems for good. Skin care has never been easier and more enjoyable!

detailed parameters

Nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles, cleaned with UV-lamp


2.7 oz (up to 10 min) 


On/Off button 


Accurate focus of steam, Hair ribbon included


2 years 


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Icarus Jocasta FS-11N

2-in-1: Facial Steamer With Ozone Therapy

Icarus is a renowned manufacturer of professional salon and spa equipment and furniture. With their “Jocasta” facial steamer, you can enjoy all relaxing and health benefits of steaming therapy at home, saving your time and budget on visiting spas and wellness centers. 

The biggest advantage this model stands out for is an ozone therapy option. The vapor comes enriched with activated oxygen quickly absorbed through your skin. Ozone steaming combines beneficial oxygenation and detoxification effects, strengthening your immune resistance, boosting nutritive absorption, providing an unmatched anti-inflammatory effect, and promoting healthy skin tone and texture. Using the “Jocasta” facial vaporizer on a regular basis, you can tackle two issues at once. Thanks to a sterilizing and cleaning function of oxygen ionic steam, you will significantly reduce visual defects of blemish-prone skin and combat the causes of acne and eruptions. 

For your convenience, the ozone function is operated by separate control buttons located on the top of the unit. Hence, you can use steam independently and activate ozone whenever you need.

Review of Icarus Jocasta FS-11N with Ozone

Enjoy Your Steaming Session While Lying on the Couch

At the end of the day, we usually want to lean back in the armchair or lie down on the couch and lounge in comfort. The Icarus Facial Steamer is a truly unique model that allows combining your leisure time with a pleasant steaming session that will contribute to the overall relaxation as well. Owing to its upright design and twisted arm, you can adjust the steamer height and position to your liking and direct the vapor flow to your face, no matter if you lie or sit.

Moreover, the appliance is fitted with 4 castors for easy and effortless handling and moving around the house. A water tank capacity (56 oz) is enough for 30 minutes of ozone combined steaming while the tank design of clear plastic allows conveniently checking for the water refill.

Icarus Jocasta FS-11N with Ozone in the use

Initial Assembly

Due to its rather large dimensions, this model comes disassembled. It means that initial assembly is required. But you don’t have to worry since the assembly is no hassle and no specific skills or tools are required. The only tool you will need is a spanner to screw a single fixing bolt.

Besides, the set includes a detailed illustrated user guide that makes assembly a breeze.

Detailed review of Icarus Jocasta FS-11N with Ozone

What Facial Cleanser Do You Use?

Many skin problems are caused by the use of facial care products that don’t suit your skin type or age. When it comes to facial washes, it is essential to select the one that will perfectly fit your skin to avoid irritation, dryness, or excessive oiliness. In this concern, our Castile soaps review will help you choose 100% natural and hypoallergenic soap to clean and sooth your skin.

Icarus Jocasta FS-11N with Ozone application
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What customers say about this product

Key Specs

Getting ready to steam fast if not enough water automatically off.

Size & Weight

Very easy install and use , light weight like it very much


Powerful steamer, superb ozone with a gorgeous subtle violet color

Pure Daily Care 3 in 1 Facial Steamer

Both Facial Steamer and Humidifier

Though this unit looks very simple, you’ll be impressed by how many functions and options it can offer. 

The primary functions of the Pure Daily Care is an ionic facial steamer. As such, it boasts an innovative design combining a traditional heating element with an ultrasonic vaporizer. The unit produces steam with negatively charged ionic particles that penetrate the skin 10 times faster for quicker pores opening, improved blood circulation, enhanced cells vitality, and easier oxygen absorption. Your beauty products will work much better on open pores, improving your complexion, promoting skin elasticity, and maintaining a young and fresh look of your skin longer. Thanks to its meticulous design, the unit generates a directed vapor stream to provide full face coverage.

Being excellent for skin care, the Pure Daily steamer also helps drain sinuses and airways; it is efficient for treating colds. In addition, the appliance can work as an inhalator. And adding several drops of some essential oils will further enhance the therapeutic steam effect. 

On top of that, the device doubles as a powerful air humidifier that will help you maintain the optimal microclimate in your living space. The only slight inconvenience is that for a humidifier function, the unit might require refilling a bit more often since a 6.75-oz water tank capacity ensures only up to 30 minutes of continuous steaming.

Review of Pure Daily Care 3 in 1 Facial Steamer with Stainless Steel Skin Kit

A Warm Towel Can Make the Difference

A warm towel is essential for some cosmetological procedures. In spa salons, they often use warm towels for body and hair wraps; it works great with preliminary applied nourishing or recovery masks and creams, promoting beauty products absorption by your hair and skin.

With the Pure Daily Care facial steamer, you can have a warm towel at hand in mere minutes, since another handy function this all-in-one unit boasts is towel warming. Simply put your towel in a special compartment and select the necessary mode with a control knob. That’s it! While you steam, the device will prepare your fresh moist towel. What a nice option!

Pure Daily Care 3 in 1 Facial Steamer with Stainless Steel Skin Kit in the use

5-in-1 Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit

Along with unmatched functional versatility, the Pure Daily Care set offers one more bonus any beauty enthusiast and professional esthetician will appreciate. It’s a high-quality 5-piece skin kit with all the tools needed for efficient painless blemish and blackhead extraction. For hygienic use and safe storage, the tools of surgical grade stainless steel come in a handy plastic carrying case. Compact and lightweight, it will fit into any bag or purse, catering to your beauty needs wherever you are.

Detailed review of Pure Daily Care 3 in 1 Facial Steamer with Stainless Steel Skin Kit

Clean Your Body From Inside

Proneness to acne, eruptions, and blackheads depends not only on your skin type but also on the food you eat.

Detox teas will help your body eliminate toxic wastes greatly affecting your overall well-being. Drinking these herbal teas on a regular basis will promote weight loss and the healthy look of your skin.

Pure Daily Care 3 in 1 Facial Steamer with Stainless Steel Skin Kit application
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What customers say about this product

Key Specs

This has a good size water tank which allows for a much longer steam than other units.

Size & Weight

Nice, compact design for easy storag


I like that it has several settings and the steam lasts long enough for a complee facial routine.

Conair MDF3R

Perfect Tool for Beautiful and Healthy-Looking Skin

Pamper your skin and give your face a fresh, clean, and hydrated look with the Conair Facial Sauna System. It will undoubtedly add to your facial care routine, offering the most thorough way to cleanse the skin. 

As efficient as it is, this appliance stands out for easy operation and intuitive controls. You only need to place the unit on an even surface, fill the water tank and turn the steamer on with a power button on the front panel. It will take about 3 minutes to heat the water and start generating hot vapor that will gently steam your face. Simple as that! 

Though the water reservoir is rather small, its capacity is enough to maintain a 15-minute steaming session. Once the water runs out, the appliance will automatically switch off to prevent overheating. To pour the necessary amount of water, the set includes a 2-oz measuring cup. Another pleasant bonus is a mechanical timer, which allows varying treatment times to your needs (from 3 to 15 minutes) and will automatically turn off the unit when the steaming session is over.

Review of Conair MDF3R Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna System

Two Functional Cones

In the box, you will find two attachments, each having its intended use. 

A wider facial cone is designed for full face coverage from the forehead to the chin for complex skin care. It’s especially effective for opening the pores and preparing your skin for the next steps.

A narrow nasal cone is meant for deep cleaning of targeted areas through exposure to concentrated steam. It’s of great use for people with oily skin prone to bumps and acne. Besides, you can use this attachment to treat sinus problems. It will be ideal for cold or allergy relief if you add oils.

Note: to avoid skin irritation and redness, the distance to the steam source should be no less than 8 inches.

Conair MDF3R Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna System in the use

Facial Brush Is the Key to Clear Skin

The Conair Facial Sauna System is one of the most comprehensive kits containing everything you need for healthy-looking, glowing skin. Thus, in addition to the above-mentioned steaming cones for different exposure areas, the set is complete with a special facial brush to proceed with deep cleaning. 

The brush is powered by two AA batteries and features two speeds to customize operation intensity to your skin type. Besides, it is fitted with two interchangeable attachment heads. A rotating brush will delicately yet efficiently exfoliate and buff your face skin while a sponge head will help you apply cleansing foam or moisturizer to sooth it. 

The facial brush will become a real find for those who seek painless and effortless way to get rid of blackheads. Combined with a facial sauna, it provides almost immediate results, keeping your skin duly hydrated, diminishing the signs of aging or sun damage, and improving your complexion.

Detailed review of Conair MDF3R Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna System

How to Get Rid of Calloused Skin?

It is not only our face that requires regular attention. Overall body care is no less important, especially when it comes to our feet. The skin on the feet is prone to roughness and callosity that cause discomfort and prevent natural skin cells regeneration. Callus removers were designed to tackle this problem and gently remove calloused skin from your feet making them soft and smooth as they would be after procedures in a beauty salon.

Conair MDF3R Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna System application
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What customers say about this product

Key Specs

It holds a small amount of water but just enough for the proper steam time.

Size & Weight

It's just the right size and is easy to use.


It works well and the timer functionality on the machine is a great bonus.

Secura S-199

Easy Operation. Efficient Performance.

A distinguishing feature of the Secura Facial Steamer is a winning combo of extremely easy operation and highly efficient performance. 

The unit is activated and controlled by a single button located on the front panel. A 3-oz water tank is detachable for spill-free filling and ensures about 8-10 minutes of continuous operation that is usually enough to open and unclog the pores. A facial cone and steaming nozzle feature a well-thought design for better coverage and powerful directed steam. The nozzle is illuminated with a blinking blue light indicating that the unit is on. 

The output steam temperature is about 100°F. It is nicely hot and many estheticians consider it the optimal temperature for efficient yet safe steaming without the risk of burns or irritation even if you have sensitive skin. 

Aside from being a beauty tool, Secura will be helpful for your home too. Gentle yet effective for shiny and smooth face skin, it can be also used for interior humidifying.

Review of Secura S-199

Heating Water in a Flash

The biggest advantage of Secura over other brands is its quick steaming. While the majority of modern models start to mist in a couple minutes, the Secura produces steam after only several seconds. Thanks to an innovative powerful heating element, it takes this unit only 40 seconds to boil the water and vaporize it. This time might vary depending on filling water temperature and hardness, of course, but anyway, this appliance will work faster than its competitors and generate powerful steam every time. 

It’s not unusual that during the steamer operation and for some time after its switch-off, the unit body remains rather hot. For added safety, this model features a cool-touch handle to avoid burns when you need to carry the hot appliance.

Secura S-199 in the use

How Often Should I Use the Unit for the Best Result?

Many people believe that the more often they use their facial steamers the quicker they will achieve the desired results. However, it’s not the case since skin cells don’t regenerate as quick as we expect. Besides, excessive steaming might cause severe skin irritation.

To get the best skin care results with the Secura facial sauna, the manufacturer gives particular recommendations for different skin types. For oily skin, 10-minute daily steaming sessions are optimal to efficiently remove the dirt and unclog the pores. Meanwhile, for sensitive skin, 1 or 2 steaming sessions per week are enough.  

Besides, thanks to a super-fine hot steam easily absorbed through the skin, the Secura facial vaporizer moisturizes and cleanses your skin in a quick and efficient way. Hence, it makes a worthy and affordable alternative to rather expensive exfoliating scrubs, creams, and chemical peels.

Detailed review of Secura S-199

An Obligatory Procedure Before Any Beauty Treatment

Any professional esthetician or beauty expert knows that tools must be sterilized before any cosmetological procedure; it prevents inflammation and protects from infections. In professional beauty centers, they usually use special sterilizers while at home you can use alcohol-based sterilizing solution or piping hot water to sanitize your tools and instruments. But sanitizing tools is not enough, you should thoroughly wash your hands as well. This is where hand sanitizers will come in handy. They will not only kill bad bacteria and germs but will also care for your hand skin.

Secura S-199 application

Additional Info

User Manual     Manufacturer

Last updated price $33.99
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What customers say about this product

Key Specs

The steam lasts about 10 minutes, exactly the right amount of time. The steam itself feels very silky

Size & Weight

I love this, it is small and compact but also lets out a strong flow of steam.


Nice useable cord length


Compact. Powerful. Affordable.

At a glance, this model might seem too small to be efficient but do not let its size fool you! After the first use, you will feel and see the difference. It’s cleaner, smoother, and better-moisturized skin that looks fresh and natural. 

An advanced ceramic heating element quickly vaporizes clean water and produces strong steam flow directed at the targeted area by means of a nozzle and round facial cone. Though during the first steaming session, it will take you some time to find a convenient sitting position for optimal face coverage, once you get used to it, you will quickly discover and enjoy all the benefits of this delicate home spa. Fine steam quickly penetrates your skin, improving its nutritional absorbency, replenishing it with moisture, and enhancing cells vitality. 

As effective and powerful as it is, this model is easy and convenient to use, too. You will enjoy one-button operation while an automatic shut-off timer will save you the trouble of constantly checking the steaming session time. A valuable feature contributing to the unit safety is a built-in sensor. It will switch off the unit when the water runs out, preventing overheating and damage. In the box, you will also find a hair ribbon to securely fasten long hair and prevent its tangling and disturbing you during your beauty procedures.

Another thing you will definitely like about this KINGDOM CARES steamer is an affordable price that makes this personal care appliance even more attractive.

Review of KINGDOM CARES KC-1330

Benefits of Nano-ionic Steam

Facial steaming goes far beyond traditional cleansing with soap and water and makes a great alternative to exfoliation with a brush or scrub. 

When it comes to steaming with the KINGDOM CARES, it is even more efficient owing to the nano-ionic steam produced by a unique integrated ultrasonic vaporizer. Compared to normal steam, nano steam contains negatively charged ionic particles and easily penetrates deep skin layers. Gentle steam temperature helps unclog the pores, remove any dirt, oil, and makeup leftovers. In addition, nano-ionic steam boosts skin rejuvenation, promoting healthy and youthful complexion. 

While traditional face washing rather masks skin problems, steaming tackles and prevents them.   

KINGDOM CARES KC-1330 in the use

Additional Water Purification

Though the manufacturer recommends using distilled water to prevent deposits in the water tank and scale on the heating element, the KINGDOM CARES steamer also features a steam sterilization option to protect the user from germs and harmful bacteria that might contain in water. The unit comes equipped with a built-in UV lamp to deliver the purest and the most effective steam to your skin and prevent any contaminants entering through your open pores. The lamp boasts long service life, saving you time and budget on its regular replacement.

Detailed review of KINGDOM CARES KC-1330

Beauty and Elegance in Everything

An attractive and cared-for look is comprised of healthy skin, well-groomed hair, and well-done manicure. If you have no time to visit beauty salons, with a nail drill and nail dryer, you can have a nail salon at home. A nail drill will help you make a professional grade manicure and pedicure while a LED or UV nail dryer will quickly and efficiently dry the nail polish on your fingers and toes.

KINGDOM CARES KC-1330 application
Last updated price $23.99
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What customers say about this product

Key Specs

The water tank holds enough to keep the machine running for at least 15 minutes. I like using this after cleansing my face and before applying a face mask.


I love that it turns off automatically once the tank is empty.

Size & Weight

Very compact and easy to use. It's also pink which I love.


Comparison of Facial Steamers for Your Home SPA

What is a Facial Steamer

Everyone wants to look young and attractive and what shows your age better than your skin? As a rule, healthy and radiant skin is a result of regular and thorough care. A facial steamer is one of the best ways to enjoy spa-like skin treatment at home whenever you need. It exposes your skin to hot water vapor to unclog the pores, promoting blood stream oxygenation and cells regeneration. Try this simple yet highly efficient device and your skin will feel and look better after only several steaming sessions!

For those who suffer from migraines and headaches, a head massager will become a real lifesaver that brings long-expected pain relief. Meanwhile, massage chairs will let you dive into the relaxation of a complex body massage to shake off the stress and tension of a busy day.

Best Facial Steamers

What Features to Compare

Steam Generation

Most common facial steamers simply heat the water and convert it to steam without any additional cleaning. Hence, you will have to use pure water or clean it before pouring into the water reservoir. However, there are models that do water purification, for example by means of UV light, to eliminate any possible bacteria and germs. The most sophisticated units also offer steam ionization function to boost cells regeneration, rejuvenate your skin and improve its elasticity.

 Water Tank Capacity

The higher water reservoir capacity is the longer you can enjoy steaming without having to stop to refill water. Basically, modern units feature from 2 to 60-oz water tanks for continuous steaming within 10 to 60 minutes. A function of an automatic shut-off when the water runs too low will become an extremely helpful bonus in terms of safety and convenience.


When it comes to the facial steamer operation, the prime advantage is the simplicity of use. Usually, the units are controlled by means of several control buttons or knobs, but some models boast one touch operation. 


Today, the manufacturers bend every effort to make you steaming sessions not only efficient but also greatly comfortable. Though most facial sauna systems are designed to be used in a sitting position, there are some types that allow you to lie down and fully relax. On top of that, some models come equipped with cleansing brushes, sponges, or even facial sets for the whole range of skincare procedures.


Q: What are facial steamer types?
A: Basically, facial steamers fall into two major types. One is the small portable steamers for home use while the other is larger units with a rolling base, ozone hood, and, in some cases, a magnifying lamp designed mostly for professional use in spas, beauty salons, wellness centers. In a variety of models offered on the market today, you will surely find the one that will suit your personal needs.

Q: What does the facial steamer do?
A: The undoubted benefits of steam therapy include: 

  • Deep dry skin hydration;
  • Skin texture and tone renewal;
  • Acne and decongestion reduction;
  • Skin care products enhanced penetration;
  • Efficient skin preparation for further treatment. 

On top of that, many models for in-home use also double as inhalators and are efficient to treat runny nose, fever, and cough.

Alternatively, you can use this small unit as an air humidifier or aromatherapy device.  

Q: How often should I do facial steaming?
A: Though many people steam daily, excessive steaming is not so beneficial. To enjoy the best skin effects, it’s better to steam your face several times a week. And make this procedure a part of your regular skin routines to get consistent results. 

Q: How long should a steaming session last?
A:  The optimal steaming session time is from 6 to 10 minutes depending on your skin type and condition. Premium quality units usually deliver efficient results within about 5 minutes. However, if you're just trying steaming therapy, it’s recommended to start with 6 or 7 minutes.

Q: Are facial steamers safe to use?
A: Yes, usually, steaming units are comfortable and safe to use. Though some people might find the steam too hot, most users find it relaxing and soothing. Anyway, these personal care appliances commonly have a built-in temperature control to prevent water heating up to unsafe temperatures. Hence, the steam won’t burn your skin.

Q: What is a safe distance between the face and the unit during the steaming session?
A: It’s recommended keeping your face at a distance of about 20 cm (8 inches) from the steam source to prevent redness and irritations or even avoid burns if you have sensitive skin.

Q: Do I need to clean my facial steamer?
A: To prolong the service life of your personal care appliance, try to stick to several simple rules:

  • To prevent molds and rust, always empty water tank after use and let it dry.
  • Regularly clean the water tank to prevent any deposits or scale buildup.

Q: Should I use any care products after a steaming session?
A: Since the pores are open after steaming, you can use an exfoliator or cleansing mask to get rid of dirt and remove dead skin cells. Then use some toner or moisturizer to sooth your skin. Just remember to use care products that suit your skin type.


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