Product Comparison: Toto Washlet S300 vs Toto Washlet S350e

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General Specifications
Washlet S300 (SW554-11)
Washlet S350e (SW583-01)
About the Product
The TOTO S300 Washlet is probably the most famous bidet toilet seat in the world. Engineered for luxury, the TOTO S300 comes equipped with both posterior and feminine wash functions. Wash features include adjustable water temperature, adjustable water pressure, and nozzle position adjustment. There is also a water pulse mode which pulsates the water stream and a massage mode which oscillates the wash nozzle, widening the cleaning area.
The TOTO WASHLET S350e is an electronic luxury bidet toilet seat that cleanses you with warm water to provide an exceptionally clean feeling. Unlike traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough and often ineffective, a WASHLET quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. The TOTO S Series are specifically designed to help maximize overall satisfaction by offering the most advanced and exclusive features in addition to the traditional WASHLET functions.
Key Specs
Adjustable single nozzle
Adjustable single nozzle
Material of Nozzles
Warm Water System
Tankless Instantaneous Heated Water
Tankless Instantaneous Heated Water
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Toto Washlet S300 SW554-11 Elongated Front Toilet Seat
  • Round seat opening is shaped more like an oval (the seat itself is round), which provides extra room in front for guys compared to the other round toilet seats in our home.
  • This is a luxury that everyone should own in their lifetime. I used these gadgets in some 5-star hotels in Japan, and couldn't believe how squeaky clean they are, and more ... just how great it feels. Turns "the dirty deed" into something warm and wonderful.
  • Installation was simple; all the needed hoses and fasteners were included. Installing the first seat took me about 20 minutes, only because I didn't want to rush the process. I would suggest mounting the included remote on the wall, above your toilet-paper dispenser.
  • Sometimes the wand does not seem to go back far enough. This is easily solved by moving forward on the seat a bit.
  • Front: This is also a shower, but it's very soft (even turned all the way up). I practically have to sit on the lid in order to get it pointed in the right direction. This model of bidet toilet seat only has one wand. I wish it had 2 wands instead.
  • It only has one wand, the "dry" function blows too softly to get you dry, and I have to scoot alllllll the way to the very back of the toilet seat to get the wand to hit anything but the crack of my butt.
Toto Washlet S350e SW583-01 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat
  • Easy and quick installation. I threw a single layer of teflon around all connections to be safe although it didn't seem necessary.
  • Endless Hot Water never cold even on start, Opens / Closes Lid automatically, Low profile, Seat Even heat, Odor control works pretty well.
  • Functionality is great. Unlike one review I read about over spray, we have not had that problem. Wands work as advertised and the functionality is as expected.
  • The round version of the toilet is on the smaller side due to space lost for the retractable wand & spray components. While I don't see this being an issue for women, it does require some getting used to (and adjusting) for men as you sit down.
  • As with other reviewers, I find that the "round" version is a pretty tight fit, but I have gotten used to it.
Size & Weight
5.125 in.
3.94 in.
12 lbs.
13.5 lbs.
15.75 in.
15.3 in.
21 in.
18.88 in.
Auto Wash
Massage Cleaning
Front & Rear Wash
Wide Cleaning
Posterior Cleaning
Feminine Cleaning
Other Cleaning Features
Pulsating mode, Gentle aerated water stream
Gentle aerated water stream, 2 user setting, EWATER+ Technology, Dual Action Spray with oscillating and pulsating feature
What customers say about "Hygiene"
Toto Washlet S300 SW554-11 Elongated Front Toilet Seat
  • The warm (or hot) pressurized water now available to clean up is amazing, leaving us both feeling hygienically sanitized and refreshed.
  • This has been a godsend. My child has difficulty cleaning well due to disability. This seat has made my life much better & allows him more privacy. Expensive but worth it.
  • One of the best things I have ever bought. works great cleans very well and the deoderizer works great we put three fan vents in our bathroom and never use any now. the toto works so well.
  • Rear: This is one direct stream of water, and it's very powerful. Even when I turn the water pressure down quite a bit, it still feels a bit like a laser beam. It's so powerful, it feels like my toilet is trying to give me an enema.
  • The spraying wand is a bit too far back, I need to sit further back than I used to and set the wand to the front most position.
Toto Washlet S350e SW583-01 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat
  • The soft and hard cleaning option is pretty good... With the hard option, the water pressure is very powerful.
  • The e-water antiseptic water and pre/post bowl most are a great improvement.
  • Toto is the best. Quality is great. Features are great. This will eventually save you a ton of money in toilet paper. It really does a great job cleaning you and helps keep the toilet clean. The air cleaner really does work. Rarely is there any smell when someone uses it afterward.
  • As some people noted rear washlet jet is not perfectly aligned. It is just NOT PERFECT!
  • Spray is too wide and too far forward even when adjusted to limit - which the adjustment went back more.
Control Type
Wireless wallmount remote
Wireless remote control
Adjustable Nozzle Position
Adjustable Water Pressure
Adjustable Water Temperature
Adjustable Warm Air Dry
What customers say about "Control"
Toto Washlet S300 SW554-11 Elongated Front Toilet Seat
  • Easy to install (took about 30 minutes). Settings for seat temp, pressure, wand position, dryer temp.
  • 2 energy saving modes for seating warming, one you can set to activate for 3/6/9 hours every day, another that's automatic based on your usage pattern, and they can be used together.
  • There're buttons for the basic functionalities on the unit itself, allowing operation without the remote if needed.
  • It thouroughly cleans everything with adjustable remote real time controls that control the water temperature, water pressure, oscillating versus nonoscillating spray mode, pulsating versus nonpulsating spray mode, plus arrows that adjust the temperature of the toilet seat.
  • No multiple user settings (as available on newer S300e models).
Toto Washlet S350e SW583-01 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat
  • Water pressure is pretty good. Make sure you've set your remote to full spray (solid light), not soft spray (blinking light), and that your water cut-off valve is open all the way.
  • User programmable settings is very useful to set the temperature of seat and water. Remote control is handy.
  • Remote is very modern compared to Asian versions.
  • This remote is much nicer than the old model's outdated remote that looked like a bunch of Lego blocks arranged in a rectangle.
  • No way to temporarily disable auto functionality for a period of time. If I'm giving my kid a bath I need to use the remote to disable these features and then re-enable them afterwards, otherwise the seat will continually open/close + pre-mist.
  • During the wash, temperature of the water varies.
  • As sophisticated remote looks, it still complex to use. You need to press same button twice to get different operation. Art on remote is confusing.
Night Light
Self-cleaning Nozzles
Adjustable Heated Seat
Quick Release Nozzles
Replaceable active carbon deodorizer
Slow closing seat and lid, Built in water filter, Auto smart power saving, Self diagnoze function
Auto open/close lid, Docking station easy to install and clean, eWater+ on wands and bowl, Water pre-mist of bowl before each use
What customers say about "Features"
Toto Washlet S300 SW554-11 Elongated Front Toilet Seat
  • Ahhh... the joys of a warm toilet seat! And soft closing lid, so no more slamming. It cleans the wand between every use, so it's always clean.
  • Easy to install - a splitter needs to be connected to the water tank for connecting the washlet water hose, and a mounting plate for attaching the washlet to the toilet.
  • Water hose uses quick disconnect fitting and the washlet just clicks onto the mounting plate, allow the entire unit to be removed quickly without any tools.
  • A water filter built into the water splitter prevents the unit from getting clogged, it can be removed and cleaned.
  • Custom settings, wireless remote, warm seat, blow dryer ... this gadget has it all, and it's super easy to install - just follow the directions. Very happy with this, highly recommended.
  • Energy star settings are nice, but it would be better if the energy savings times could be fully customized via clock/programming.
  • The lid is really flimsy, definitely can't be used as a seat.
Toto Washlet S350e SW583-01 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat
  • Pre-mist seems to help keep the bowl cleaner. Warm toilet seat is nice.
  • The fan seems to do a pretty good job of killing odors
  • Ewater option is a very good choice along with self clean. Really love the heated seat.
  • Lid opens about 50 times a day because toilet is close to the door and every time we pass it, it opens the lid. We have 2 year old. He plays with lid sometimes. It sill works!
  • The catalytic deodorizer still works great to eliminate 90% or more of odors.
  • While the mount/base that connects to the toilet is on very snug, the actual unit has more give than I'd prefer once snapped in place. This means after a few uses the unit itself finds itself a quarter inch to the left or the right versus dead center.
  • The auto-mist function can wake you at night; it can only be completely disabled, which would defeat one of the major benefits of this washlet.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
1560.00 $

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