Outdoor Tools

Metal Detectors
Best Metal Detectors

Not all the treasures and metal scrap can be seen with a naked eye as they are buried under the ground or water. Handheld metal detectors allow finding such metal objects by sweeping their detector probes over the ground. We have reviewed the 5 best models to help you make an optimal choice.

Fertilizer Spreaders
Best Fertilizer Spreaders for Your Lawn
Want to give the grass on your lawn a healthy boost but don't know how? Enrich the soil properly using a fertilizer spreader and experience a deep green color of the grass with no weeds. Find some useful tips in our review and decide on the right spreader.
Rain barrels
Best Rain Barrels
Most people agree that water conservation is a pressing concern, especially for those who live in areas that have limited access to fresh water. One of the ways that people can help conserve their main water supply is by collecting rain water for use with everyday watering needs. An ideal way for a home owner to do this is with a rain barrel, a special device that is made for the collection of rainwater. Read on for some of our recommendations about which rain barrels will best suit your needs.