Musical Accessories

Guitar Strings
Best Guitar Strings to Boost Your Performance
With a great variety of types, dimensions, and materials, which strings are best for your instrument? Which ones will match your favorite genre, playing technique, or even a skill level? Our experts bring you the 5 top sets of guitar strings for premium sound and top-notch performances.
Drum Sticks
Best Drum Sticks to Extract the Maximum Volume
Many people around the world like different rock music genres and want to play percussion instruments like drums. If you are one of them, then you need to pick a pair of drum sticks to meet your needs. We will review 5 best kits of drum sticks and help you to make the right choice.
Distortion Pedal
Best Distortion Pedals
Choosing the right pedal for guitar is essential, as your choice may actually either open up new possibilities for you or discourage your guitar playing due to poor quality tones. Hopefully, in our review, you will find a distortion pedal suitable for the genre of music you play.