Product Comparison: Innotek SD-2000 vs PetSafe Free To Roam (PIF00-15001)

General Specifications
Free to Roam Wireless Fence
About the Product
Easy-to-install, battery replaceable system is great for any size dog. You choose the configuration to not only keep your dog safely at home, but also clear of out-of-bound areas such as gardens and pools. Patented run-through prevention offers secure, reliable containment. For use in the US only. This unit is compatible with all US 110v outlets and are not to be used with 220v international voltage. You cherish your pet and she loves her freedom.
The Free to Roam Wireless Fence™ system covers a circular area up to 1/2 acre with no trenches to dig or wires to bury at a fraction of the cost of a traditional physical fence. The fence transmitter is portable for RVs, cabins, and rental houses. Just plug the transmitter into a standard outlet near the area where you want to contain your pet.
Key Specs
Coverage (up to)
0.33 acres
0.5 acres
Dog Weight
5 pounds or more
5 pounds or more
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Innotek SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System
  • It works well. I have a large breed dog, German Shepard/Husky/Mastiff mix. It wasn't difficult to install.
  • I've had no issue with indoor radio waves. We have computers, laptops, and live by high voltage power lines.
  • I bought this product for my 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. She is approximately 50 lbs.
  • It worked so well that the dog got too afraid to go outside after one time around that I had to leave it off.
  • This fence doesn't phase my small pug. She ran out of the yard on day 2. Got her back and figured part of the wire may have been covered too deep. I tested the fence by walking around the perimeter and it buzzed all the way around the yard.
  • The collar worked for almost a year, then it died, would cost about the same as buying a new system then replacing the collar. collar was also large and heavy/bulky and there was no option to adjust the feedback to the dog, which we came to like on the other models.
PetSafe Free To Roam (PIF00-15001) Wireless Dog and Cat Containment Fence
  • Overall this is a very nice wireless fence system. In the past you had to dig trenches and make sure that you weren't going to cut through any of your existing wires or pipes before you could install a wireless fence.
  • This wireless fence is highly effective! It was easy to set up once I knew what I was doing and my dog no longer runs off. I don't even accompany him outside to do his business anymore.
  • This wireless fence took me 20 minutes to open the package and setup, and within 3 days my dogs were well trained and have only chased a bird past the line twice in 6 months. Worked well with additional receivers too!
  • We already have one collar to go with the wireless system. we added a new member to the family and needed another collar. I works great!
  • Being a long house, the area is smaller on the ends, and bigger on the front and rear.
Size & Weight
6 in.
10.3 in.
12 in.
11.5 in.
7.5 in.
11.6 in.
4.6 lbs.
5.4 lbs.
Waterproof Collars
Correction Levels
Tone-only mode, Low Static Correction, Medium-Low Static Correction, Medium Static Correction, Medium-High Static Correction, High Static Correction
No Static Correction, Tone Only, Low Static Correction, Medium-Low Static Correction, Medium Static Correction, Medium-High Static Correction, High Static Correction
The Basic In-Ground Fencing System works with pets 5 lbs. and up, The fence covers up to 5 acres with additional wire and flags, The Fence works with multiple pets with the purchase of additional collars, A water-resistant collar with replaceable battery fits neck sizes 8 to 21 inches
Fits neck sizes 6-28 inches, Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep, Expand containment size with additional wireless transmitters, Add an unlimited number of pets with additional wireless receiver collars
Collar Batteries
Replaceable RFA-67D-11 Batteries
What customers say about "Features"
Innotek SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System
  • I followed the included directions as best as I could and I have used this product for 6 months with no complaints. The best feature is the adjustable field strength, which allows you to adjust the width of the signal (which I keep at a very low setting).
  • I have used this product for about 6 months with the included battery and the battery is still good!
  • I tried the shock on my arm and it's pretty strong. I wouldn't use this product if your dog weighs less than 25 lbs.
  • Sometimes I let my dog out without the collar now, because she now knows where her perimeter is.
  • Sometimes, it doesn't give the warning beep and just zaps at/near the boundary.
  • My biggest complaint is that this product was still being sold even though replacement collars were not. So if you lost a collar you either had to buy a collar that was not meant for the system and cost a significant amount more, or buy a whole new system.
PetSafe Free To Roam (PIF00-15001) Wireless Dog and Cat Containment Fence
  • I've only been using this for a week. I will update durability of the product if it breaks. FYSA, I didn't use the flags, dogs are smart enough to associate with surrounding features.
  • Easy to set up and the collars work well. I purchased an extra collar and it automatically connected.
  • Works great, compatible with the earlier collars. Also this transmitter unit seems to take up less room and is a little more water resistant.
  • This unit has saved us. Easy to set up and train your dog - comes with the little flags to mark territory. Nice not to have to bury wires but just plug and go.
  • This product did not work at all. The collar had to be positioned just right on my dogs neck to register with the base unit.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
284.99 $

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