How to Use a Back Massager Effectively?

Last update October 26, 2020
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When you have some sort of pain and muscle stiffness in your back and neck, no remedy is as nice and relieving as a good massage. While you always have an option to let a manual therapist do that job, the back massager will work no worse and save you the need to integrate those visits into your schedule and, what is more important, pay for them. You’ll have a chance to enjoy relaxing sessions in the comfort of your home and give those muscle cramps a treating punch. And if you know how to use back massager effectively, you’ll experience the benefits it brings to the full. So, let us give you a bit of advice on that.  

Know Your Back Massager to Use It Effectively

Massager types

Today, a back massager is pretty much any type of equipment or tool used to massage your back. Modern models of the best back massagers and best neck massagers come in numbers and vary from sophisticated electric units to manual tools and some of them even appear to be medical-grade devices. All this equipment is designed to target back and neck pains and tackle stiff muscles. Yet, the best thing about it is that you can use those devices by yourself and will need no expert assistance. What you will need though is some knowledge on how to use each of the back massager types to get the most out of it. Here are a few basic tips that will let you use your back massager effectively:

  • Warm-up your body. Simply slightly rub your skin and gently knead your muscles before applying a massager. It will let the unit target the painful spots at once and improve an overall effect.
  • Take the right position. When massaging you back, you should sit straight and apply the massager directly to the area that needs treatment.
  • Make proper adjustments. With most electric massagers offering adjustable settings, find the golden middle in speed and intensity that will be comfortable for you. And remember to take into account your own force.
  • Don’t go overboard. Excessive massaging can injure your muscles. Hence, too much is not good. The optimal recommended time for a massage session is from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Relax. Once you’ve finished, rest for a few minutes.

And now let's look into different massager types in more detail.

Handheld Massagers

Spot massagers

Handheld massagers are portable units often powered by batteries and ergonomically designed for maximum user convenience. They are by far the easiest to use among massager models and the most versatile. Usually packed with a whole lot of attachment heads, handheld massagers are mostly meant for spot treatment. With that, though, you can apply such a device to any part of your body to knead your muscles and improve blood circulation that will work to enhance muscle flexibility in the end. The key with this massager type is to find comfortable operation intensity, avoid applying too much force, and use the device only for recommended body areas specified in the instructions.

Shiatsu Massagers

Cushion massager

This type of massagers engages a popular shiatsu kneading technique widely used by professional masseurs to release muscle cramps and relieve neck and back pains. These massagers are available in the form of cushions, pads, mats, or even scarfs. Ideal for the lower back and lumbar area, many of them can also double as foot and leg massagers. Besides, many models also combine kneading with heat that brings a strong relaxing and soothing effect to sore muscles. Providing healing pressure on acupuncture points, Shiatsu massagers help break painful knots, level up muscle stretchiness, and increase circulation to saturate tissues with oxygen. All this makes Shiatsu massagers useful in any house, no matter whether you are an active workouter or fitness pal, whether you seek to shake off the stress after a hard day or need some sort of rehab.

Massage Chairs

Massaging chair

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like massage chairs and wouldn’t want to have one in their home. It’s a kind of massaging all-arounder that will give a nice relaxing knead to all your muscles, limbs, joints, and body parts while you sit comfortably in a deep soft armchair. Hitting physical pain, massage chairs are also great at taking away stress and anxiety and making you feel balanced and relaxed. More than that, all you need to do is just to sit in the chair, stretch your legs, and adjust the massaging settings to your comfort. The unit will do all the work for you. You can even take a nap if you feel like it.

Muscle Stimulators

EMS device

Muscle stimulators or EMS devices are yet another innovative type of electric massagers widely popular today. They send low-voltage charges to the muscles stimulating their contraction. This way, they help muscles strengthen, recover, and heal. The whole system consists of an all-in-one power block and controller and a bunch of self-adhesive pads connected to it. These pads can be attached to literally any body area where muscles need treatment. While some might feel skeptical about the efficiency of such a system, EMS devices prove to be pretty effective as a part of rehab therapy after injuries and muscle recovery routines in sports and fitness as well as they are helpful for some chronic conditions.

Which Is the Best for Back Pain?

Best massagers for back pain

With a whole variety of modern electric massagers suitable for treating back pains, which one is the best you wonder? Well, if a massage chair is quite an investment and needs some dedicated area to be placed and you need something more affordable, compact, and no less effective, Shiatsu massagers are a perfect alternative to hit back pains. They provide targeted action and need no skill to be used and there is a whole lot of different models to meet any needs. The Shiatsu massager from Naipo confidently stands out among the rivals for efficacy, versatility, ease of use, and smart design.

Leave This Job to an Expert

Professional-style massage

The folks behind Naipo obviously have an eye for Shiatsu massage and did their best to create a massager that will mimic the hands of a masseur. We must admit they really succeeded in that and their Shiatsu massager proves this by delivering a professional experience very much similar to that you’d get with a massaging expert.

Two four-node massage heads will rhythmically knead and loosen your muscles to reduce stiffness and tension. Made of hard plastic, the nodes dig deep to get to the muscle tissues far below the surface and loosen the toughest knots. With that, you’ll have multiple massage settings to customize the unit operation to your personal needs at any specific moment. Thus, there are three massaging speeds to adjust the massaging intensity from light to a more vigorous one. Besides, you are free to set the nodes either in a clockwise or in a counterclockwise direction as well as alternate those patterns to optimally tackle your individual trigger points.

To further enhance the massaging effect and make those sessions maximum comfortable for you, the Naipo combines Shiatsu kneading with relaxing heat. The model provides two heat settings you can use together with massage or independent of it. And an automatic shut-off function will turn the heat power off in 20 minutes to prevent your skin from burns.

Flexibility Is the Key

Adjustable design

The Naipo is a so-called scarf massager. And while many might think it is for neck use only, this design is much more versatile than many other massagers. The massaging rolls nest in a U-shaped pillow that will snugly wrap around your body and provide a great degree of flexibility at the same time. In a combo with mid-sized nodes used to make it equally efficient on both smaller and bigger groups of muscles, the scarf can be conveniently used on the neck and shoulders, back and waist, calves and feet. Meanwhile, two holder straps will help get the right fit and are length-adjustable to match smaller and taller users alike. So, whatever your height or body shape, this Shiatsu massager will ensure maximum comfortable massaging experience.

At the weight of 3 lb, the device won’t produce added pressure on your body and soft sheath fabric is skin-friendly and won’t cause excess friction. Notably, the whole sheath is removable and washable. Hence, maintaining it clean is a breeze and the device is fit for hygienic use by multiple persons.

Take Your Home Masseur With You

Travel-friendly kit

Back pain doesn’t choose the time and place and can strike out of a sudden just about anywhere. So, it would be nice to have a remedy for that at hand. And the Naipo massager excels in this aspect as well. As we’ve already mentioned, the model is lightweight and, as such is easy to handle. In addition, it comes complete with a carry bag to compactly stow the massager in it and take it with you anywhere you need. It will surely come in handy after a long flight, intense workout, long-distance ride, or a day on feet during your business trips. Besides, a car adapter included in the kit will let you stop anywhere right in the middle of a thousand-mile drive and give your body a relaxing massage to finish the journey in comfort.

To resume, this massaging tool from Naipo is not a mere back massager but rather a multifunctional body massager. Portable, flexible, practical, and dependable, it perfectly adapts to individual body shape and is a trusted muscle pain killer.