Best Bath Bomb Molds for Creating Bath Fizzies

Review & Comparison, Last Update July 2, 2020
Taking a bath is less practical than taking a shower, but sometimes filling the tub and taking it slow is absolutely necessary. What could be better than settling into a bath with a good book or a glass of wine, and a fragrant bath bomb! If you are looking for a luxurious and relaxing in-home spa experience, bath bombs are the way to go. Look at our review and make your choice. ...Read more ...Read less
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These bath bomb molds come in multiple sizes, allowing you to make small- to large-sized bath bombs for the luxurious at-home bathing experience. Customized with your favorite fragrances, they will turn your bathroom into a relaxing and peaceful oasis. A unique mix of bath bomb ingredients will help you soothe and de-stress your skin.


Removal of ready bath bombs might be tricky. 


The Caydo bath bomb molds are a great investment if you regularly take a bath with bath bombs. These wonderfully simple yet stylish molds will suit all crafters from beginners to experts. It’s a great value for the price.


The MelonBoat Silver-5 bath bomb molds allow for endless applications. The round bath bomb molds can be used to make cupcakes, chocolate, pudding, and jelly, or keep spices. Bring the magic of the sea and romantic atmosphere to your bathroom with shell, heart, starfish shapes of molds. 


Slightly difficult to pull apart.


These bath bombs can be used as a bath time treat for yourself or gifts for any special occasion. Also, it can be a fun project to do with your little ones. Experiment together with the scents and colors and produce amazing bath fizzies at home. 


Made of incredibly durable aluminum metal, the Bath Company bath bomb molds will serve longer than their plastic peers. The molds have a high-quality finish and sleek surface with a flat top and bottom that allows for easy removal of a bath bomb.

It takes a bit longer time to dry.

If you would like to enjoy a soothing bubble bath after a hectic day, then the Bath Company bath bomb molds will come in handy. Make unique, spherical bath bombs, customizing them with your favorite fragrances, ingredients, and colors.


The G2PLAY DIY Bath Bomb Molds are made of durable food-grade plastic that resists pressure and prevents breaking. The package contains 15 round plastic balls with clear view design. You can thread a ribbon, string, rope, or wire through the loop on the top for your hanging decorations.


Require careful handling.


The set contains molds of different shapes and sizes which you can use to create bath bombs as well as hold candies, chocolate, mini cupcakes, or different decoration items. If you want to change your decorations or party theme, simply replace the contents of molds with whatever you like.


The Magift Nonstick bath bomb molds are made of sturdy aluminum metal and can be reused as long as you need. They are everlasting and can resist dents, bending, rust, and any damage caused by different ingredients you use. The bath bombs easily come out for cleaning the molds.


Should be washed and dried by hand.


Why not reward yourself at the end of a busy day? Make your style bath bombs, sharing fun with your friends and family. These unique bath bomb molds are ideal for having a great bath time. The molds can be used for your own spa day or gift giving.

Caydo Multifonction

Enjoy the Process of Crafting Your Bath Bombs

If you strive to apply your craft skills in making foamy treats that bubble and gradually dissolve while you bathe, then try the Caydo bath bomb molds. They are made from sturdy, nonoxidizing food safe aluminum metal that is durable enough to withstand the bath bomb making process. Unlike plastic molds, it resists dents, bending, rust, and any other damage caused by different bath bomb ingredients. It comes in 3 different sizes, which gives you more options for making small- to large-sized bath bombs. You can make unique bath bombs, customizing them with your favorite fragrances and food colorings. The molds are easy to use. All you need is to mix dry and liquid ingredients, fill each half with the mixture, and press two sides firmly together. After that, tap gently around the mold with a spoon to remove the excess mixtures. Finally, remove the bath bomb and let it dry. Also, it's a good idea to add special touches of flower petals and soothing essential oils, enjoying the process of crafting with your family. The molds are convenient, practical, and easy to clean, yet they are not suitable for dishwasher use.


  • Made from durable food safe aluminum metal;
  • Convenient, practical, and easy to clean up;
  • Suit all crafters from beginners to experts;
  • A great value for the price.
Review of Caydo Multifonction Metal Bath Bomb Mold


MelonBoat Silver-5

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With a Great Variety of Mold Shapes

Creating your own unique bath bombs is one of the most interesting crafts. Their applications are endless, from a bath time treat for yourself to gifts for all occasions. Also, it can be a fun project to do with your little ones. It's so exciting when a bath bomb fizzes and releases bubbles. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with various colors and scents to create wonderful bath fizzies. With the MelonBoat Silver-5 bath bomb molds, you’ll master your craft in no time and experience more inspiration and joy in creating lovely bath bombs. The package includes 5 molds of 10 half pieces. You'll love the shapes of these molds. The round molds act as both a mold and a packaging. You can use them to make cupcakes, chocolate, pudding, and jelly, or even to keep spices. The shell bath molds will bring the magic of the sea into your bathtub. And the heart shape molds look amazing, making your bath time experience supremely pleasant. They are also great for unique, romantic present decoration. The molds are easy to use by separating into two halves to snap open and fill. Made of an aluminum smooth material, they are easy to clean with only soapy water.


  • A great variety of applications;
  • Unique shapes;
  • Can be used to make sweets or keep spices.
Review of MelonBoat Silver-5 Metal Bath Bomb Molds


The Bath Company Ideal Size

Take a Relaxing and Soothing Bubble Bath

If you like to take a soothing bath after coming back home from work, the best thing to do is to turn on your favorite music, light candles, and add a couple of bath bombs to your tub. And if you don't like an idea of buying ready-to-use bath bombs from stores, you can try making them yourself using these spherical DIY bath bomb molds. Made of solid and strong aluminum metal, they are extremely durable, so you can experiment with a variety of ingredients customizing bombs to your preferences. Unlike plastic bath bomb molds, in which bomb ingredients often stick to the surface, these molds have a sleek surface with a flat bottom and top that allow for easy removal of a bomb when it's done. Depending on the ingredients you use, you can produce 4.6 to 6 oz bombs in size. The box contains 2 full spheres, so you can create one while the other is drying.


  • Made of incredibly durable aluminum metal;
  • Nice spherical shapes;
  • Sleek surface for easy removal of bath bombs.

Review of The Bath Company Ideal Size Metal Bath Bomb Mold


G2PLAY Star, Heart and Round

Ideal for Soap Molds and Decorations

Making bath bombs are fun, but it requires time, patience, techniques, a perfect mixture, and an experience. The good news is, with the G2PLAY DIY bath bomb molds, you'll get a chance to let your creativity unveil and hone your crafting skills to perfection. These molds are made of food-grade plastic which can resist pressure and prevent a bath bomb breaking. The package contains 15 round plastic balls with clear view design. Besides the main ingredients needed for making a bath bomb, a mold can be filled with small decorative items and scented ingredients to impart a unique touch and fragrance to the water. The bath bomb molds come in the forms of heart, star, and round ball for making bath bombs as well as holding candies, chocolate, mini cupcakes, or decorations. Each mold has a tiny loop at the top, through which you can run a ribbon or strip and hang it as a decoration.


  • Made of durable food grade plastic;
  • Clear view design;
  • Can be used for soap molds and decorations;
  • A loop on the top for hanging decorations.
Review of G2PLAY Star, Heart and Round Bath Bomb Molds


Magift Nonstick

The Best Bath Bombs to Soak Your Stress Away

Unlike plastic molds, the Magift Nonstick bath molds are made of sturdy aluminum metal. They are everlasting and can resist dents, bending, rust, and any other damage. Even if you press them hard together, they won't crack. The Magift bath bomb molds come in multiple shapes: starfish, heart, shell, hemisphere, and shell, which broadens your options, making plenty of room for your creativity flow. You can make small to large-sized bath bombs, mix scented and decorative ingredients, add food colorants and much more. Having the Magift Nonstick bath molds at hand, you will be able to pamper your skin every time when you feel stressed and long for quality relaxation. Involve your kids and friends in this exciting process and stock up on bath bombs to relax afterwards.   


  • Made of sturdy aluminum metal;
  • Come in multiple shapes and sizes.

Review of Magift Nonstick Bath Bomb Molds


What Is a Bath Bomb Mold?

Have you ever taken a bath with a bath bomb? A bath bomb is a mixture of dry ingredients molded into a shape that becomes fizzy when touches the water. The fizz is produced by a chemical reaction between citric and bicarbonate of soda. Combined with hot water, a bath bomb disperses, making the whole bathroom smell nice. Bath bombs are easy to make yourself. A bath bomb mold is designed for making bath bombs at home. The molds come in different sizes and shapes, thus you have plenty of options. Simply mix the ingredients and pack this mixture tightly into the mold. Also, you can add to the mixture a few drops of essential oils like Grape seed, Coconut or Avocado oils and skin nourishing ingredients, such as Shea butter and milk. Bath bombs help relax by providing a relaxing aromatherapy experience and cleanse your skin from daily contaminations leaving it soft to touch. The salt component exfoliates your skin while the oils moisturize it. So, you will feel like a whole new person after soaking for a couple of minutes in a bath. It’s a wonderful fizzy ball of joy!

Turmeric oil has excellent health promoting properties, so it's great for adding to your bath bomb mixture.

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