Alligator on Florida Golf Courses Eats Player's Ball, Backs into Water

Last update March 28, 2017

A curious event occurred at Florida's Long Marsh golf course in Rotonda West over the weekend.

An alligator chomped down on a player's ball before slowly returning to the water. This was a normal-sized gator—not one of those CGI-lookingones— But it was, of course, scary. 

Was its decision to snack on the ball all that surprising, though? Daniel McNamara told WPTV Channel 5 he was on the third hole when his ball hit the reptile.  Interesting that the camera was already out.

All reviewers of this golf news a totally convinced that it was that alligator which attacked Chubbs from Happy Gilmore.

The manufacturers of golf GPS's must provide a mapping of alligators. 

Pro tip: If you don't want an alligator to eat your ball, don't hit said alligator with said ball.

Gator eats golf ball on Florida course