Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker

Mr. Coffee TM70
Mr. Coffee TM70   Image 1
Mr. Coffee TM70
Mr. Coffee TM70   Image 1

General Specifications

Mr. Coffee
About the Product
Custom brew fresh iced tea easily in one simple touch with the Mr. Coffee® Fresh Tea Iced Tea Maker! Brew strength bar adjusts to brew just they way you like it. Make gourmet, flavor-infused iced teas just like the coffeehouse. Includes 4 recipes.

Key Specs

3 qt.
Brewing Time
10 min.
725 Watts

What customers say about "Key Specs"

  • Love this iced tea maker! large capacity, easy to use, great tea
  • Love the 3 quart capacity, we use this nearly every day and it is a champ.
  • I bought store-brand tea bags for like 2 bucks and the tea still tasted wonderful. For as much as it costs to buy fresh brewed iced tea, this is a life-saver.
  • My family loves ice tea all year long and the Mr. Coffee Iced tea maker is the best economical and easy to use tea maker that we have found out on the market.
  • This thing sucks! It's slow, leaks and it didn't use all the water.
  • This tea maker is ok ... the tea maker doesn't hold enough water compared to my old one and also it brews slow.

Size & Weight

12.71 in.
7 in.
6.85 in.
4 lbs.

What customers say about "Size & Weight"

  • Well, it is all plastic, it's very light weight, and it does feel flimsy. Having said that, it works fine and makes very good iced tea.
  • I do like the new look and lighter weight. Hoping it serves us as well as our older model.
  • The picture is a thick plastic, very durable.
  • I also like the fact that the pitcher is fairly durable, and while it is very bulky, it also means I can brew almost a gallon in a batch.
  • Pitcher is too big and bulky!
  • I found it to be bulky in my small microscopic kitchen and always struggled to find a good place to put it.


Beverages Brewed
Loose tea, tea bags, Loose tea, Tea bags
Tea Strenght Levels
Removable Water Reservoir

What customers say about "Details"

  • This one has a strength control feature that is really useful. This tea maker is simple to use, easy to clean and best of all, it makes great tea.
  • Good quality materials, straight forward design and functionality. I like the ability to easily set strength of brew.
  • Works essentially the same way and love that you can adjust for strength.
  • The markings are clearly marked on the machine itself and on the pitcher.
  • It works OK, but the water level markings on the pitcher are misleading.
  • The brew strength mechanism doesn't seem to hold the setting.


Removable Filter Basket
Dishwasher-Safe Parts
Removable brew basket; Recipes included

What customers say about "Features"

  • This is a really handy appliance to keep in the house. It works great, doesn't leak, and is BPA free.
  • Plastic is BPA free . Brews fast and any type tea I prefer.Recommend this product very highly !
  • Also, the components are easy to clean and dishwasher safe as an option.
  • The handle is a bit large, but it does need to support 3 quarts of liquid, so I wouldn't want it any smaller.
  • It comes with 4 pieces all together-pitcher, pitcher lid, brewing station, and plastic filter. Great product!
  • It constantly gets plugged up and not all of the water filters through. It leaves a residue after every use.
  • You need a separate filter in order to brew the tea and the sugar gets clogged up in the filter spout. We had to brew three separate times just to fill the picture, plus it leaked. We tried it with and without the paper filter but to no avail.


On/Off Power Switch
Auto Shut-Off

What customers say about "Power"

  • I LOVE how it auto-shuts off when it's done too! I don't have to worry about remembering to turn it off!
  • It does shut off automatically when done, so that's good, but wish the switch was dual function like they use to be.
  • Switches off automatically when it's finished.
  • We bought one of these just before the summer, however the power button shorted out
  • The cord is super short. And it is stiffer than a hammer handle.

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)

Other Information

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Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker